Pitfight - Unleashed

Pitfight is a soundtrack to hard times! I just have to start from the themes that are being touched on this album cause lyrically, this is one of the bands I’ve heard in a while. Mike, the vocalist, delivers a nice combination of personal issues and socio-political observations made from the perspective of the man who clearly sees that there is something wrong with this world today. Mad wrong.

Having strong lyrics is half the battle to create a solid hardcore album. Now let’s have a look at the music itself. Well, there ain’t no disappointment here as well. Given the name Pitfight you’re guaranteed to get some sharp, NYHC influenced hardcore and this album delivers that and much more. They maintain the strong hardcore vibe and agressive attitude but also infuse their music with powerful thrash riffing and some double bass action. Although the band takes a lot from the past, the music is above average and is skillfully delivered. They mix various influences easily so the disc stays fresh all the way through.

This is very strong effort. Definitely worth checking if you’re into heavier side of hardcore without it being a piss-poor attempt at metal. I just hope this band won’t go unnoticed and they’ll get the attention they deserve.

PS. CD includes also their 2009 demo so the fun never ends!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Pitfight Music
Year: 2010
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