Terror - Keepers of the Faith

This is an exclusive Reaper Records teaser before the new Terror lp. Well, here it is. I was a little worried with production being handled by Chad Gilbert of NFG, but alas, it was for naught. I am sure Nick Jett had his hand in the mix enough to ensure Terror's sound stayed intact. And what? Like these dudes would go soft? I get anxious sometimes...
But they deliver and beyond. i love this band. Hardcore in sound and spirit. These guys have a passion and tour relentlessly. They bring hardcore - which they have all been involved in since early 1990's - to all corners of the globe. i am proud to have them rep USHC. Two new members since the last release and actually their 1st without doug weber. sad - but we must forge forward.

1. "Stick Tight" - The song is the sound that Terror has encompassed and executed brilliantly. Taut, brash riff-based mistempo stomp hardcore. it ends with a Mike Dijan-esque/Leeway/SubZero \riff driven breakdown nice and tight. Lyrically, we have a "defiance/ftw" vibe, with that being a reason to "stick tight to my friends".

2. "Keepers of the Faith" - this one slows down a little, but has several gang vocals written into it - sure to still keep the kids moving. a nice bass line is highlighted mid-song, then the gang vox layer in and we get a slow breakdown to round out a solid song. This is an ode to the kids out there (and adults...) that still carry on the pure spirit of hardcore.

Side B of mu gold wax is centered around a pic of Raybeez! "All you kids out there, always KEEP THE FAITH"

3. "NSYFA" - the token 'backstabber' son - but it comes in with a metal wail - which pops up here and there throughout the song. The tempo in general is quicker and an infectiou upbeat, bouncing feel. A quick bridge leads us into another breakdown that i look forward to A nice swinging riff closes out the song. Time changes and tough lyrics are the strength of this song - only on this 7".

4. "Boxed In" - one of my favorite SubZero songs get the homage treatment. pot on - buty it sounds like a Terror song. perfect. - only on 7"

BOTTOM LINE: no need to dread the Chad G production - looking at the credits, many hands in the pot. In fact, this has a better sound to it that the last album. The songs are more down to earth, a little 'looser' if you will. While i think Zeuss brings out the best in Full Blown Chaos, Hatebreed, Madball - i thought "Underdogs" was a little constrained, a touch stiff (great songs...) Where as "ATHW" is amazing and has a stronger feel. "Always..." has the perfect balance of metallic and punk - and this harkens back to that style; a more hardcore feel. This returns to that after "TD&TS" did whatever it did. While the general speed has slowed since "LOTL"; the mid tempo masters of the chug deliver again. This is up there with "ATHW" and "RATC". a grittier production definitely helps. And again, i am swayed by the passion. Where as some people criticize this band for sounding repetitive and monotonous - hey - it's HARDCORE. Tough guy, metal influenced hardcore. And what counts, what gets me and hundreds of others to jump in a frenzy and point our fingers and lose our voice is the heavy, hard music with alienated lyrics. Terror continues to do that better than most in the game today. if you want innovation only in your music, stick to real metal. if you want intense furious music that is there as a base for the lyrics that unite us isolated souls, and are okay with little variation, then listen to this

Raybeez is proud.

Review by Hutch from Empty Hands blog
Label: Reaper Records
Year: 2010
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