Alley Gods - Correcting Wrong Opinions

Correcting Wrong Opinions is pretty cocky name for an album but I’m glad to say that these tracks live up to the title. Just like on their debut 7” (which I reviewed some time ago), Alley Gods displays a style that is full of some classic 80’ hardcore influences but served with a modern twist. It’s nothing ground breaking, but those kids got skills.
They definitely have a solid foothold in the roots of hardcore which makes Correcting Wrong Opinions a solid tribute to a now distant era of hardcore when it was all about pissing people off, not giving a fuck and having a laugh. There are so many things that are right about this album - the tempos are fast and the song are sharp and short with occasional melodies, guitar solos and sing alongs. The meat of the album is made of pummeling riffs and shouting vocals backed up by a tight and fast drumming. The bass player is doing some crazy stuff with his instrument as well and thanks to the balanced production, it can be heard perfectly. Despite to straight forward approach, they somehow find a way to display their musical skills in these songs so it doesn’t get boring that fast. Sometimes even some classic Finish hardcore influences kick in (some old shit when punks still looked like punks with all the spikes and leather). I like their straight forward lyrical style –some songs are provocative, some touch serious topics while other are plain fun. It took me some time to get used to the screechy vocals. In the end, after couple of spins they don’t bother me that much no more, but still it’s not my favorite style of singing. Overall, it’s a solid old school album and the odds are pretty good that if you’re into this style you'll find plenty to like on here.

Review by Dloogi
Label: Poolside Records/Psychedelica Records
Year: 2010
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