No Reprieve to release new EP soon

California based No Reprieve are in currently working hard to get their debut EP out. The band has been around for 3 years now and they're still unsigned. As Erick, their guitarist, told us: "at this point and time we arent sure if thats a bad thing or not. Very mixed feelings about labels seeing as how we come from DIY roots." Commenting on the upcoming release, he added: "This new E.P is the center stone of everything this band has worked hard for. It not only shows the hardcore world that we are ready to contend amoung the heavy weights and not just be the backyard hardcore heroes that everyone has come to know and love. But it also introduces our new darker tone. We wanted to keep the same aggression in our music but add a creepier, sinister sound to it all. The songs all give out a similar message. The realization of ones self regret, inner tourment, and complete self destruction. With lyrics like "My once beating heart turned dead cold. bargained my soul for some silver and gold. take a look in the mirror, and regret what I see. Anger, hatred, and lust. Become the better part of me." This E.P is meant to bring out the demons in everyone. And it allows them to embrace them and use them to their own advantage. Don't get us wrong we are still a bunch of hardcore kids. But we wanted the whole Idea of this new release to be very theatrical." EP will be avaliable for sale soon on band's Myspace website.