Pre-orders underway for 2nd press of Outbreak's self-titled album

From Think Fast Records: Pre-orders are underway for the second pressing of vinyl for Outbreak's self-titled album! If you missed out on the first press, don't miss the boat this time as the entire press is limited to only 500 copies. We're offering two different colored-vinyl variations including blue/black swirl (limited to 200) and white/black swirl (limited to 300). Each vinyl pre-order will come with a free digital download coupon (for high quality, 320 kbps mp3s of the album) as well as a free, full color poster for the upcoming Think Fast! Records & Think Fast! Booking Showcase Tour, which Outbreak will headline!
We've also thrown in the option to pre-order your vinyl with a discounted CD version of the album. Check out all the Outbreak pre-sale packages in our webstore here. You can stream 10 songs from Outbreak's self-titled album via MySpace. You can stream Outbreak's entire album from Think Fast! website here.
Here's some press the band has received since the album's initial
release back in November:

"Outbreak succeed at issuing a merciless hardcore assault while
sounding like they're having the time of their lives. ...tighter,
smarter and livelier than most current hardcore, Outbreak deliver
another impressive round."
- Alternative Press

"The odds were against them, but they said "fuck the odds" and wrote
the best album of their career. Punk as fuck, right? ...when a band
writes a self-titled album, it's assumed their intent was to define
themselves -- their sounds and their politics. Outbreak does this
while producing relentless punk rock tunes in the process."

"Yes, Outbreak are releasing their new album both on Think Fast!
Records and on Universal Music's Trustkill. Yes, they're on the 'Saw
VI' movie soundtrack. Yes, they've chosen a more punk way for their
sound. But fuck no, they haven't got soft."
- Daily Music Reviews

"The artwork is brilliant, production is solid, and the tunes are
pretty much how they are meant to be in this genre from start to
finish. Everything a fan of the band would expect, and then some.
Fifteen songs, twenty minutes, one solid album."
- Bombshell Zine

"While I recognize, and appreciate more, the punk angle of Outbreak,
others who are into the omnipresent hardcore element running rampant
in rock and metal today will enjoy their raw, caustic edge. The pace
is unrelenting without being monotonous ...Outbreak's latest is a fast
and furious, ripping good time."

"Outbreak does a fantastic job defining themselves with this album. appears that they may have finally released an album impossible
to ignore. Their former releases, You Make Us Sick and Failure, while
hailed in the hardcore scene, can now be seen as mere stepping stones
to this release that may be the pinnacle of their career."
- Outburn

"What sets Outbreak apart from the pack of hardcore is while they
serve up all of the elements of good hardcore, they are not dogmatic
in bowing to the rules established for hardcore. There is a melodic
punk energy throughout the album that really pushes them over the top
for me."
- 410 Media