No Zodiac

No Zodiac is another representative of recently blooming Chicago hardcore scene. Their style is nothing but reckless with influences ranging from Project X to Unit 731 and lyrics that hit hard. It's just raw, in your face, make no apologies hardcore the way it should be.
Name: No Zodiac

Location: Chicago, IL

Active since: 2009

How do you define your overall style?

Aggressive, Heavy, Evil, Hardcore.

What’s yourbgoal with this band?

Our goal is to spread. The word of Hardcore as much as we can and have fun while we do it.

What do you have recorded so far?

We have recorded a 3 song demo, and soon will be putting out our Soulless e.p. very soon.

When, how and why the band came to being?

The band came to be in the winter of 2009, just as a side project for Alex and Erik, but soon became the primary band for both.

It seems your demo is getting a really good response. Are you happy with how the things turned out and the reviews you’ve been getting so far?

We are very happy with the response we have gotten with our demo, and look forward to our future recordings.

The overall tone of the lyrics seems to be very dark and negative. Would you agree with that and is there any running message behind your music?

The message behind our lyrics is pretty much just life experiences that our vocalist has experienced in his life and how he felt about these experiences.

How about Stomp Out – are you that serious about the kids who drop the edge?

That song was pretty much just for shock value and to get us noticed, and obviously it worked because numerous people have asked us this, and the answer is no. Many of our friends are not straightedge.

How was it to share a stage with bands like Earth Crisis, Death Before Dishonor or Evergreen Terrace? What are some of the gigs that stand out?

It was surreal to share the stage with the bands that we grew up listening to and seeing on huge tour flyers. Most of the local shows we play stand out because its all friends, and people we know so they always end up really fun.

Who are some of the bands that you enjoy seeing live?

Some bands we enjoy seeing live are: The Killer, Blood in Blood Out, SilverHammer, Soul Search, Short Handed Goal, Den of Daggers, WarHound, Knock Em Dead.

What is the craziest thing that ever happened at one of your shows?

Everyone of our shows is crazier than the last, so its really hard to say, so pretty much our friends that wreck shit when we play are usually the craziest things at shows.

What’s the scene like out there in Chicago at the moment?

The scene in Chicago is growing very rapidly and there are new faces at every show and new bands popping up everywhere, so pretty much this scene is alive and well, and everyone should be on the lookout for new bands out of this area.

What are some other future plans for No Zodiac? When can we expect a full length album?

Some future plans we have for this band are possibly a couple small tours over the next summer, and still playing shows around like usual. As far as a full length goes, we aren't planning one soon, but I'm sure we will sometime.

Shout outs and/or last comments?

We'd like to give a shout out to: All our friends in Born to Lose Crew,SilverHammer, Warhound, Blood in Blood Out, Den of Daggers, Nothing to Regret, Streets of Rage and lastly to everyone that supports Chicago Hardcore! If your scene sucks it's because of you, book a show, start a band, and go to local shows!!

Check out No Zodiac at Myspace.