Grizz Rock - Mental Abuse

I’ve never been a fan of hardcore kids doing rap thing simply because much of this stuff is garbage. You don’t have to be next Mobb Deep or Wu Tang but some of the rhymes and beats that came from the rappers with hardcore background has been an embarrassment to the game. Grizz Rock hasn’t been an active hardcore musician as far as I know but it seems he has some connection to the hardcore world. Not only Real Recognize Real, a label known for bridging the gap between hardcore and rap, is releasing this stuff, but you can also hear Lord Ezec now and then throughout the album.
Ok, so my expectations were not that high but surprisingly Grizz proved that he can hold his own as an emcee. He might not be the most technically gifted cat out there but with his forceful and vibrant delivery he knows how to grab your attention. It’s pretty apparent he really feels the passion behind his work. It's hard to define any one cut, the album as a whole is the one. Whether he spits some aggressive stuff like Victims Of Society or This Is My House, or goes more personal on joints like Just Like That or Just Another Days, the album is consistent and has a steady flow. Lyricswise, he goes from serious topics such as growing up in the streets and family issues to more relaxed, party oriented bangers. Well, you gotta chill but these sudden style shifts break the grimy flow of the album. These diversions, however, are few and far between thankfully. Grizz sounds much sharper and tighter when he sticks to the dark side of life. Once again listen to Victims Of Society or This Is My House – that’s some aggressive shit I want to hear more from him! Sure, sometimes his rhymes get , but overall he’s delivery stays sharp. On the musical side, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but the beats are solid with with elements like the sung background or acoustic guitar loops.

One of the cool things about this album is how Grizz Rock incorporates rock, sometimes even almost hardcore influences into some of the songs. Just listen to the beginning of the Darkness track – if this guy started a hardcore band that would be massive! Anyway, when Grizz focuses on the rawness, he’s really dope. I’d like to hear his rhymes over some more raw and vibrant beats.

Review by Dloogi
Label: Real Recognizes Real Records
Year: 2010
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