Hammer Bros - Sleep Forever

I’ve been hearing a lot about this band lately and was eager to check what’s this hype is all about. As far as I know, the band has a couple of releases out already but this 7” is actually the first thing I’ve heard from them. So, does it live up to the attention they’ve been getting? Honestly, this stuff is straight up mind blowing. Heavily influenced by a classic, straight forward hardcore sound, Hammer Bros take things to another, more brutal level.
This 7” is a perfect representation of the gritty hardcore that is practiced as it was originally intended - raw and uncompromising. You get five songs full of anger, violence and manic destructive ways. This album works because band proves they’ve got their own way of doing things and can make a good use of classic hardcore moves to create something fresh and powerful. The breakdowns are crushing, the vocals insane and the adrenaline level never comes down. The best tracks here are mid-paced New Found Ends and thrash fused Sleep Forever, but all in all, every song here makes for a good listen. Check this album and their other releases!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Arrest Records
Year: 2010
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