No Redeeming Social Value - High in Holland

Well here we have the NYHC gods of self-destruction at the Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
SOUND: the sound is spot on. Heavy, thick guitars; clean drums, crisp snare and pounding bass and toms; discernable vocals. Lots of the songs get the dual vocals done on them, bringing back the extra energy of the old days. Volume is perfect. The band is tight. While i Miss some ex-members, the band is a well-oiled machine here. The drums are ridiculous. The guitars are tough riffs and fast bursts. You can here the elements in total synch. And that another prize of live albums. You here a band take older songs and put them down after years of practicing and playing live; rendering them better then when recorded.

SONGS: These dudes go thru it all. They open with the timeless "More Tattoos". Hard and charging. They go into probably my favorite NRSV song, "Wake Up". I was surprised to hear them still do "Fabio and "Guido" and "Microwave" and it was pleasantly. I forget how good those songs are. The new tunes of "Still Drinking", Beer == Fun", and the massive "Drinking is Not a Game". My theme song "I Hate Everyone" is here in all it's glory. Classics like "Chicken, "New 64", "Olde E", "No Regrets", "Skinheads Rule" all show up on this disc. Two covers get the NRSV treatment; "Drunk at YOT Reunion" (blowe, roaw!!) and "Raining Blood".

VIBE: you get the full NRSV experience. so good. Lots of comments and banter. The total fun, buzzed up vibe of a NRSV show comes through. I am picking up change alone in my room as i listen; fondly recalling the one time i saw them come to Providence (Met Cafe). Wish i had more memories to dance to. Their schticky campy comedy stylings intro the songs and the NRSV personality shines through.

INLAY: a nice pair of boobs grace the cover in a leopard bra. some cool pics, live and goofing off; lyrics to each song - just in case, somehow, you do not have the other cd's (dummy). Full credits and props for the tour. A healthy incentive to buy the hard copy.

basically, this gets thrown in with the legends. i will quickly reach for this disc as i would any other NRSV disc; and any other live cd. The sound is perfect; the performance is true NRV. impeccable. Clear, top-notch sound quality capturing the cavalcade of 20 years of music form this blast of a boozed up band. Fast metal riffs to tough guy breakdowns to funny in between babbling. Energy and the feeling of the live show, sing a-longs, all get you swept up in the moment.

I am tired just listening; yearning to be soaked in beer and sweat.

This is guest review by Hutch from Empty Hands blog
Label: Dead City Records
Year: 2010
Band's website