Set To Strike

Set To Strike is Pennsylvania based band aiming at heavy old school hardcore sound and just trying to get their name out. They've been around for very little time but already have a demo out and are planning to record some more new shit soon.
For those unfamiliar with the band - what do you want people to know about the band and your music or message?

We honestly are a group of 4 guys who just want to play some true hardcore, with a slight twist in the way we write. My(singer -Joey) lyrics are very inspired by the world around me, from politics, to negativity, to the streets, to positivity, pretty much anything that I can think of that sounds good to write about.

How did you all meet and how long have you all been a band?

The band started as a fun project between myself(singer -Joey), Nikko(bass), Willy(guitar), and Johnny T(drums). We just figured...why not? So we started this band and about 2months into it, Willy had to leave because his other side band was getting pretty serious at the time. So we thought that would be close to the end of us, because where we are from unless you want to play blast beats, death metal, etc. you wont find a dedicated guitarist. However Willy found us a guitar player from the area, Travis. Not only did this fix the band, but Travis has taken us to an entire new level, and I think makes us stand out as a hardcore band, as he always is adding these little odd parts but they go so well with the music.

What's the toughest struggle for the band like yours? What's the biggest wall to get over?

I mean I guess to get heard, like any other band would be the hardest struggle. At the same time we arent really trying to prove anything, or become some huge famous band. But we just want to get heard, maybe inspire some new kids to get into hardcore. Maybe inspire kids with my lyrics, or even just go as far as them thinking from a different aspect of a situation. The biggest wll for us to overcome is touring. We would love to tour as a band, but Johnny T is in school, I'm a new dad, Travis works for a hotel so he works alot, and Nikko is in school too. But I promise you we will tour eventually, even if it means 20 small tours.

For those who have not heard anything from you how would you describe band's playing sound?

This is an oxy-moron when I say this, but I would say very modern old school hardcore. We like to try to keep it a traditional hardcore sound, but with that new twist of things in the mix. Make sense? haha.

What have you released so far?

A free demo that we made in this biker dudes basement. The coolest dudes ever. If you ever get offered by a big biker dude that works at Dominos to record your band.... DO IT! They love doing gang vocals, and just all around nicest dudes ever. I would plug them here to promote them, but I forget their studio name, I will get back on that, actually I'll end up promoting them on facebook/myspace.

We are also in the process of recording a better higher quality demo/ep. It will be about 5 songs. - self titled.

Who are your strongest musical influences and why?

This is a tough one, cause there are so many. Some if my biggest influences go from huge bands, to even bands that I'm friends with. I'm gonna have to say Madball, Kingdom, First Blood, and Black Sabbath. That is very random, but they stick out in my head. They are all groups who have very dominant strong lyrics about the things they believe. Which is what I go for in every song I write.

And where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to the lyrics?

Everyday life. The positives, the negatives, my friends/family, my lovely wife and son. A big part of my lyrics come from my anger towards politics/governement in general. Thats a whole new can of worms to open though, and we can talk about that in another interview if you would like.

Tell me about band's performance element – what should kids expect from your live show?

We actually had just played our first show recently in Bethlehem, Pa. We were fortunate enough to play with two great bands, Unlearn, and Death Before Dishonor. The show was supposed to be in like 2-3 different venues, but they all cancelled so it ended up in Bethlehem, Pa. Which actually was better in my eyes. A bunch of kids had shown up, good turnout for a last minute venue change. It was all around a great show.

We try to be a very high energy band. Not a band that just stands there, and expects the crowd to do the moving. Every show we try to get more and more crazy. I think a band doesnt need lights, and effects, and all that bullshit. All you need is a bunch of energetic crazy fuckers on stage, ready to have some fun.

Tell us what you have coming up that we can check for. Plans, gigs and releases planned for the upcoming months?

We are currently looking to play anywhere/everywhere possible for us. So if you listen to us and like what you hear... PLEASE get in contact with us, we would LOVE to play your area if we can make it out. Thank you.

Any closing thoughts?

Come out and have fun with us. That is our dream. Not to make tons of money, not to become anything more special than a ton of kids going crazy in a firehall or small club or something of that sort.

Band's myspace can be found here.