State of Mind Announces Kill Your Idols Tribute 7″ Series

A number of Kill Your Idols inspired friends and fans have gathered together to pay tribute to the band. This is a four part series titled Epilogue with all KYI cover tracks. Each volume is going to be strictly limited to one pressing. This is going to be unique and every volume will include something extra in the packaging. Each cover will be a section of the skull, collect all four to put the big picture together.

You can’t imagine how much doing this release means to State of Mind Records. Listening to and seeing KYI was a large part of growing up and still inspires us to this very day. There is a diverse bunch of bands compiled on this as we thought that made sense since KYI had played with a diverse number of bands themselves. These bands aren’t just doing this to be on a seven inch comp, they legitimately love KYI (most have a member with the Skull tattoo). If you see any of them playing there is a good chance they will play the song they covered. So put on some Kill Your Idols and get pumped!

V/A – Epilogue Vol 1 7” comp

BACKTRACK “Enjoy The Show”
SEASICK “Hardcore Circa 99”
BULLET TREATMENT “Can’t Take it Away from me”
OFFSIDES “Cast me Aside”