Terror - Keepers of the Faith

First off, i love Terror, so if you hate...why read this. i still can be objective, and will list where their strengths and faults are. A quick synopsis to gage my opinion verse yours...
they came out, i ignored them. i hate over hyped "ex-members of" shit. Then i saw them. I am a judgmental asshole. this band kills. I have loved each Scott V band, anyway. "Lowest of the Low" rules. "Underdogs" was awesome, but felt a little stiff in production; but an incredible album. "Hard Way" - perfect. "RATC" was a great release to tide us over. I play it frequently. "TD,TD" i go back to it the least. a solid release, but i think the Zeuss production tried to push them into something they weren't. Although that said, "Voice...", "Relentless...", "Never Alone", "What I Despise, and "Let Me Sink" are some of their best songs. and i never subscribed to them falling off when Carl or Todd left. Buske and Frank 3 Gun, and Martin are some of my favorite personalities in hardcore.

Songs like "Push It Away", "Out of My Face", "Lost", and "Disconnected" are my tops from these dudes.

SO - i loved "KOTF" 7" that came in July.
and let me also preface this with i was this biggest, loudest naysayer of Chad Gilbert. i was frightened. and again, i am a judgmental asshole. i was fuckin' wrong. This man produced what maybe the best Terror album. "KOTF" find these cats at the peak of their game.

This album is loud, fierce, and angry. Scott's voice has(miraculously) remained strong through 2 decades of screaming. His lyrics won't challenge Keats or Joyce, but he has matured and still loves representing hardcore. I love hardcore (at age 33) and i love seeing other dudes my age still engaged; never mind dudes still enraged and shouldering a scene.
Another aspect i always appreciate of Scott is the lyrics included; with a prose description/explanation *(so buy the bitch - do not just download it). Perspective and personal experience make it uniquely Terror. I feel a kinship through his words. This hardcore scene; this quagmire of outcasts and outsiders become something purposeful and beautiful. Scott's focus of lyrics are decrees and pacts to his family, friends and 'fans' (for lack of a better term). But that's the point of hardcore - 'fans' become brothers and peers. And these denouncements of society's sheep, these clones, these weak ones - our universal derision and condemnation of those types is our bond.

The songs are short and vicious. Nick Jett still gets a huge sound as the backbone of this roadworn outfit. Guitars are crunching and heavy. Drums are pouncing and rigid. Gilbert really did mix this well and extract prime output from each of the players. The formula remains the same. Dance, pile on, pound the chest, and head-nod. bring the mosh and finger point. Glorious. I could have used a breakdown or two more -but this bitch moves fast forward and lots of two-stepping parts.

"You find strength in what you hold in your hand - that's not for me - i'll stay free"

And again, they expanded on the foundation of the formula - this is not hc paint by numbers. Please do not think i blur eac song together They have a formula without being formulaic. I mean, hardcore ain't ELO or Zappa. This is a hardcore album; not even a "genre crossing metal-core album". There are elements of metal - tight riffs, a few leads and dive bombs; definitely some thrash in here - bits of Anthrax/DRI/Metallica *(yeah...the "Only Death" song is an old Metallica style riff; not Motley Crue! You watch your tongue!). They just keep the foundation the same.

This is fight music. These are anthems for the hurt, burdened, forgotten, scorned, furious; those of us who see a fucked-up world and our own contributions in the scourge called 'humanity'. But with a little wisdom and experience, we can move forward and be better than the mindless. Or at least be with those like us. "These are the sounds of the underworld."

This album - whatever you may think of these dudes or there work - tour relentlessly and bring the true spirit of hardcore to the stage and disc.
Raybeez is looking down proudly.
"Always Keep the Faith"

For fans of Terror.

Standout Tracks: "Stick Tight", "Shattered", "Stay Free", "The Struggle" - ...ah, i just picked all the "S" songs....listen to them all, really - there is not a bad song on this. "New Blood" i s bad-ass and Toby2o pops in.

This review was taken with permission from the excellent Empty Hands PVD blog.

Label: Century Media
Year: 2010
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