Defiance, new album from Tear It Down out now

Tear It Down has come a long way since their first rehearsal somewhere in 2003, yet the line-up changes and different influences made them what they are today: a metal-core band that’s not afraid of trying out new stuff and blending different styles of music. With a lot of shows and 2 tours of Spain done, you know they’re skilled enough to make every show a fucking great one. You like trash, you like hardcore, you’re into beatdown, you like metal in every way…you found the band! 2010 will be an important year for TID: a demo, an MCD and a PromoCD were their first little steps towards the ‘bigger picture’ but this year they proudly present their first full length album Defiance! Recordings were done at the brand new Red Left Hand Studio by Sven Janssens (Aborted, The End Of All Reason, etc…) and mastering by Kris Belaen at CCR studios. The album is a mix of slow, fast and mid tempo. So you can expect a lot of alternation in and between songs. The album also features two guest-vocals being Wim (Crimson Falls) and Gebo (Strike With Vengeance). This also gives a whole new dimension to the band.The album is released on Clenched Fist records.