Upcoming 7" split featuring Black Friday 29 / For The Glory / Last Mile / City To City

Black Friday 29: Directly from Ruhrpott (Germany) they present their NYHC with a melodic edge riffs blended with its most raw, direct and strong riffs. Recently the band called it a day but left behind an interesting journey, one of the biggest German hardcore bands ever and one of the oldest in Europe. For fans of Death Before Dishonor. For The Glory: The Lisbon-Porto connection makes this project unique. Currently one of the older bands of the Portuguese hardcore scene launches this song as a preview of what will be in their next full length. Expect hardcore with loads of flow, good deal of balance and fast parts that will make you wanna dive and circle pit like hell. For fans of No Warning / Terror. Last Mile: Featuring members and former members of separate projects as Hatesphere / Barcode, these Danish guys do not give a truce in the intensity with which practice their hardcore. Fast, furious and with breakdowns that will make you go crazy for sure. For fans of bands like Sick Of It All / Madball. City To City: From the cold, gray streets of industrial Germany, they deliver a dose of heavy hardcore, with lyrics about everyday life and living in this society governed by money. With great flow and attitude, C2C can transport the listener into their reality ... For fans of Breakdown. Orders: info@hellxis.com.