Hardcore rarities #1

We picked a five blog posts with links to rare and obscure hardcore albums, compilations and demos that every hardcore connoisseur will appreciate. This time we have complete Stigmata discography, some rare Earth Crisis tracks, first Strength For A Reason demo and some other cool stuff. And while you checking it, make sure you subscribe to the blogs that posted these gems!

Earth Crisis Rarities (Path To Misery)

A nice collection of rare Earth Crisis songs - bonus songs, compilations, live recordings. A nice treat for all the fans of this legendary Syracuse band!

Stigmata Discography (Path To Misery)

Yep, probably the complete Stigmata discography - all albums, songs from compilations and demos. I don't see Merauder split tho...

Abnegation (Severed Forever)

three of the band's seven inches - Extinguish The Sickness, In The Eye Of The Storm, and Sown In The Remains.

Strength For A Reason - '97 Demo (Severed Forever)
One of my favorite bands ever and this is their first recording ever. Well, they couldn't fail even if they wanted and this demo still holds it own!

Reckless Aggression - Demo (Fashionable Activism)

I think the guy behind Fashionable Activism blog said it best: "This is hot hot hot. Reckless Aggression hailing from down under in the land of Australia. 9 tracks of boot boy hardcore for the alike. Singer Meatdog is a reckless aggression alone, he has "MEATDOG" tattooed on his head, and above that, a fucking spider. Killer. If you were missing the sweet licks of 86 Mentality...." Drop everything and get it!

Neverfall - Symbols Of Inner Self (Keystone Hardcore)

"Members went on to play in SHOCKWAVE and current Erie band Bridgeburner"... any more questions?

Disturbing The Peace - Demo (Chula Vista Hardcore)

This is a band combined with members of PC Deathsquad and Take Offense. Drummer of PC, Johnny Nevada will be on lead guitar. Guitarist of PC, a CV legend, Anthony Guzman will be on bass. Ill be on the drums while Vince (Vance) Cardova takes vocals.