Hammerfist - Dead Dreams

Dead Dreams, the highly anticipated new full length from Cali-based Hammerfist, holds seven tracks of no holds barred hardcore with cut throat delivery, aggressive flow and hard-hitting lyrics.Their ability to blend heaviness with groove places them somewhere between the classic heavy-ass Merauder sound and faster bands like Lionheart or Since The Flood. There are many bands around who have honed this craft to perfection but still Hammerfist manage to hold their own. The sound is consistent all the way through, whether they speed up or play those massive breakdown parts. Tracks like Diamond Cutter or Black Or Red get a job done with a host of punchy hooks and powerful grooves. Lyrics wise, Jake Fist, the singer, takes us on a journey through the dark valleys of life; despair, depression, anxiety and pain. But it’s not just all about dark though, it is rather aimed at giving you a sense of empowerment than a depression. The other remarkable aspect of this album is production, which is mega heavy and pounding, allowing all the energy of these songs to furiously blast out of your speakers.

Overall, this is a strong album, These songs are sick, some of the heaviest I've heard recently. Maybe not particularly innovative, but still totally effective. I know it won't be suited for everyone, but there is no shortage of good hooks and recognizable riffs and vocal lines here. It definitely makes me want to see this band playing these songs life.

Review: Dloogi

Label: Ghost Town
Year: 2010
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