Lifeless hails from New Jersey, US and plays that heavy style of hardcore that is tough as nails but also fresh and interesting. There are some Merauder, Strength For A Reason and even Bulldoze influences in it and that's not a bad thing in my book at all. Keep your eyes and ears open as the band just got signed to Harvcore, USA and Filled With Hate, Germany and plasn to release debut album called "NLFTW" this year!
Let’s start with the beginning, how did Lifelesss come together?

Our two prior bands (When These Days End/Dead and Buried) weren't really going anywhere and always playing the same shows together. A lot of laziness and conflict played into them not going anywhere... it just seemed like the right place at the right time to join the positive elements from both bands that were and roll with that. the formula seemed to really work, so we went with it and here we are today.

For those unfamiliar with the band - what do you want people to know about the band and your music or message?

We're real hardcore kids who aren't involved in the politics and poison ivy that infects the hardcore scene... we just do us and don't represent anyone's interests but our own. as for our message... i guess when you give up on everything and lose hope, life isn't so disappointing. there's not much good left in this world, so we'll do this because it's pretty much the only thing that really keeps us going in our otherwise dead end lives.

For those who have not heard anything from you how would you describe band's playing sound?

A wild cross between 100 demons and merauder. heavy, aggressive, real and mean. we want our music, by itself, to pretty much speak for how we feel overall about everything and everyone everywhere.

What are some key elements and influences that have shaped the band style? And where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to the lyrics?

Our own personal struggles... whether having to deal with shit we're currently going through or shit from our past that haunt us. dealing with bullshit every single day from fake people who put up fronts and try to be somebody they're not.

What have you released so far?

A demo that no one's ever really heard and a newer 2 song demo that we handed out at This Is Hardcore 2010.

What is your current label situation?

We are currently on Harvcore out of West Chester, PA and Filled With Hate out of Germany. Both labels have been a great help to us and we appreciate what they've done.

Being a relatively young band, what are some of the road blocks you just remember?

Not having a van REALLY sucks and is holding us back a lot. we hate being the band that has borrow everything when we play far away but it's our only option right now and we're just lucky to have had so many people and bands willing to help us out along the way. we all pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and it's hard to afford the things that would help us the most... but we're trying to make it work the best we can.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned in hardcore?

When you're younger, hardcore kinda influences you that your friends are there for you no matter what through everything... then they stab you in the back and let you down. so overall, you realize there aren't many people you can really trust. Just be REAL don't be one of those politically correct, try to be liked by everyone type of people. be 100% yourself and just like anywhere else in your life don't settle for less or let anyone walk all over you.

What are the next steps for the band? Plans, gigs and releases planned for the upcoming months?

We are releasing a full length on Harvcore/FWH "NLFTW"... we are trying to play as many weekends as possible as far out as we can before we go to europe in late may. we will probably record mid to end of summer for either and EP or a handful of splits. sometime in fall or winter we plan to try and do the US for a month (maybe a lil less) with Ruckus.