Rise From Above - Phoenix

The album starts with a solid, groove driven passage which immediately brings to mind my favorite hardcore albums when I was a kid. The music has this classic feel to it reminiscent of old crossover records like for example Cause For Alarm by Agnostic Front. But it’s also not only about the past, the music has been updated so to stay in line with what currently make hardcore kids go crazy. I guess the Wolf City or Lionheart merch they’re wearing on the inlay photos gives you some kind of hint what their influences are. I never heard the split with Stay Cold so I cannot say if the band progressed or not, but this CD is very good. For the most part Rise From Above knows what to play and how to play it. The riffs are good, the songs are skillfully put together and the vocals do the job as well. The songs are mostly fast, but there’s some room for slower, groovier parts as well. The vocals are strong and spit out lyrics full of anger and conviction. There's good vibe and energy in what the band is doing, but they could put more variation in it to make it a bit more interesting. Nonetheless, if you’re out for tight and in your face hardcore delivery, there’s no reason to complain. I actually enjoy these songs more than some of the albums by the bands that are being heavily hyped on the scene nowadays.

Review by Dloogi
Label: District 763
Year: 2011
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