Strike Back - Still Holding On

It’s good to hear the NYHC sound is getting more popular In France. Until recently, bands from out there that I was most familiar with were mostly into heavy stuff, like Kickback, Primal Age or Out For The Count. Can’t say I don’t love this sick, brutal shit that only French are capable of, but a little diversity is always a plus and makes things more interesting, right? Strike Back is one of the bands that made me change my perception of what’s going on over there. The band is totally into fast and aggressive hardcore in New York vein, with a strong vibe and some slight metal touch to keep things sharp. They are totally at home with this style and creep through these ten tracks with vicious flows and catchy hooks. It’s not ground breaking, I don't get that shivers-down-the-spine feeling which I get when I pop any Madball or Breakdown album, but I can assure you it’s damn solid. Nothing fancy, no messing around, no technical wankery, just getting down to business from start to finish. This is a type of approach to play hardcore I’m totally down with! Lyrically, the band explores the themes of friendship, self pride, integrity and getting by despite the bullshit everyone gets, whether from the scene kids or the society in general. They must have a beef with a lot of people in their local scene as ‘fuck the scene’ attitude is present in more than one song in here. You shouldn’t take it too serious though, Strike Back is and will always be a hardcore band, but if you’re getting tired of bullshit politics and phoney preaching in the scene, you can relate. All in all, Still Holding On is a solid album that delivers its share of aggression and energy. It’s a good soundtrack to these hard times we continue to face and gives you a sense of meaning, pride and direction.

Review by Dloogi
Label: Self released
Year: 2011
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