Violence Approved - No Free Rides

Violence Approved has been already eight years in existence and through all this time they stuck to the concept of delivering straight in your face, no frills hardcore. Their style is all about pure old school sound in vein of Agnostic Front, Only Attitude Counts or Backifire. You basically know what to expect – irresistible hooks, easy-to-sing gang vocals and impossible-to-forget choruses with dirty aggressive guitars and pounding rhythm section all over. The band delivers sharp as nails performance and approaches each tune with a sense of mission to give listener what they want. They also bring a sense of unity and hardcore family with guest appearances from Agnostic Front, The Warriors, Anticops, Dead End Tragedy and Bleed Into One. All the guys laying down the vocals fits pretty well with the vibe of the album and basically do the great job.

My only gripe with this album is that I don’t really hear anything new or particularly innovative here, and with little diversity between the songs, at the end of the album the energy start to burn out. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually the last one to expect hardcore bands to be original or creative. This specific style of hardcore has been done million times before and I know playing good hardcore is not about reinventing the wheel, but it never hurts to keep some of your own personality and style in the music. On the other hand, it might not be memorable or awe-inspiring classics, but they still deliver that rawness and energy hardcore album should have.

Overall, this is a worthwhile release that though not the most ground breaking you will ever hear, still delivers some nice dose of an unrelenting power and intensity.

Review: Dloogi
Label: District 763 Records
Year: 2011
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