End Begins - One Step Forward, A Lifetime Back

For years Full House records has been responsible for putting out some of the finest hardcore from Finland. Let’s just mention records from bands like Bolt, Ratface, Cutdown or Down My Throat which all bring some real heavy hitting rhythms. The sounds of End Begins fits pretty well alongside those bands. While the main focus seems to be on keeping it heavy, the songs are varied enough to offer some groove and catchy hooks. It’s hard not to be repetitive playing this type of stuff and band’s influences are clear for all to see, but the album has managed to keep my attention from start to finish. First of all, although this is their first album, the band has been around for couple of years now and you can sense they got time to learn how to use their gear. The song are pretty complex, but thankfully not too sophisticated and there’s no overload of technical wankery. If I had to draw any comparisons, I would say late Madball, some Hatebreed, maybe some Merauder influences also thrown in for a good measure. Basically, you get the idea. The first track kicks things off with tough as nails riffs and pounding drums which basically establish the mood for the rest of the songs. Thematically, they are not breaking any new grounds, but it’s still some verses to bench press or hit heavy bag to. Plus, I give them mad props for boxing themed artwork!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Full House Records
Year: 2011
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