New Copykill album is finally available at Dead Serious Records

Copykill's New World Error is out now on Germany-based Dead Serious Records. According to Dead Serious: "With a new amazing album a new brutal singer and his powerfull familiar manner Copykill is ready to destroy. With great releases and being constantly on the road with numerous heavyweights of hardcore, Copykill has definitely set their seeds to archive once more what German hardcore is all about." Just to remind you, the effort was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) at Chemical Burn – Audio Solutions in Germany and features nine new songs and one re-recorded song. It is the first album to be recorded with their new vocalist on the mic, Sascha Kargoscha, after long-time bandmate Chris Mattheis left the band earlier this year. Before leaving, Chris contributed one last guest appearence to the new album. Additionally, a guitar solo has been layed down by Mille Petrozza, known singer/guitarist of Germany’s thrashmetal legend, Kreator.