Ten of Swords - Wages Of Sin

Ten Of Swords was brought to existence when Enemymind’s frontman Mike McGuire and Sanctify Her Death guitarist Derek Kovacs decided to start a band with a mission to “become one of the heaviest, most negative bands to ever hit the underground”. The band’s style brings to mind some classic 90’ metallic hardcore sound but is updated with some modern licks and kicks. Hardcore at the base, lots of thrash riffing on top of it and a good deal of mosh to round it out. You can hear those guys know how to handle their shit, but even though they don’t overdo any technical tricks and that type of boring shit. Instead, each song is focused and goes hard and heavy driven by the urge for revenge and destruction.The band is a proof that sometimes it’s all about the feel. The vocals get the job done as well, I guess if the guy didn’t sound as vicious and angry as he does the record would be wholly lacking much of its energy.
The bottom line is that this is very solid release if you’re in search for some heavy, metallic hardcore. Yes, it’s generic in many parts, but it doesn’t change that Wages Of Sin is a monster of an album. In tarot, Ten Of Swords means complete destruction, suffering and being stuck in a hopeless situation. Listening to these tunes makes you think about fucked up shit like this.

Review by Dloogi
Label: Fight for the Cause Records