Never Face Defeat - Convicted

The Convicted ep brings five songs of fast and heavy hardcore which makes me think of bands like old Sworn Enemy or Hoods but with more metal feel to it. The compositions tend to be complex and even though there is no lack of faster parts, there’s a lot of happening throughout the songs. Hell, the band has been around for over ten years now so they know how to put a song together. My biggest gripe with this album is that sometimes these songs seem to lack focus. The band obviously knows how to handle their shit but they put too much attention to making those tracks sound complex instead of powerful. I got impression that tracks like Determination would sound much more stronger if they cut some of the passages and stick to the elements that really make this song stand out. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ve got a lot of good ideas and skills to put these ideas into songs, but I guess I’m into more straight forward stuff. Some of the riffs on this album are one of the catchiest I’ve heard in hardcore recently, but the songs lack the bite when they start going to mid-tempos and overdo breakdowns. And it’s a shame cause when they sound more aggressive, it’s really good stuff. For the vinyl freaks; the EP has been released as a three-song seven-inch picture disc and the package also includes CD with all five songs. I like that idea.

Demons Run Amok Entertainment
, 2011
Review by Dloogi