Face Your Enemy to drop new album: 'Do The Right Thing'

The italian band is back with the upcoming follow up album to “Message In A Bomb”'s 2011. It will be entitled “Do The Right Thing” and will be produced by Urban Discipline (Ita)/CBC(Caserta Beatdown Clan). The album is scheduled to be released in June 2012. It is the Fourth chapter for the southern band always up with the heaviest hardcore influenced by rap and metal. “Do The Right Thing” was recorded and mixed by Marco (Traces Of You). Announced featuring with Ivan from Straight Opposition.

Dome, the singer of the band, says: “Do The Right Thing” is just a tribute to all the stuff which left a mark on our generation, grown up between the nineties and the two-thousands. We have taken all the music, the albums, the covers, the comics, the movies, etc... which influenced our lives and then we have grinded, mixed them and then played them with our style. This is “Do The Right Thing”, hardcore like a lifestyle according to Face Your Enemy.