Human Demise - Of Wicked Men and Their Devices

Being that it is band’s third album already, I had a clue what to expect but in reality the sheer aggression and energy that fills Of Wicked Man… just blew me away. If you love the way Cleveland’s style sounds, the menacing tone of Ringworm and the way One Life Crew delivers, you’re at home with this album. It is powerful and hits straight to the gut, bringing song after song of that vicious and dark atmosphere, all while making sure the music stays aggressive from start to finish.

There’s no radical departure from what they did on previous releases, but it is all presented in a more mature and condensed package. No-nonsense, every song hits hard. It’s hard to listen to this stuff without letting the adrenaline and aggressive urges go into effect. And don’t confuse it with that Holy Terror hype that has seem to be going on recently.

The album is filled with high points and its best when listened as a whole. With their stabs at Clevo-style Human Demise manages to hold their own and does not fall into any clichés. The raw and gritty hardcore that fills Of Wicked Men… from the start to finish matches quality of any other hyped album of 2012. Human Demise has made its mark with today’s hardcore audiences by making it sure listeners can always count on the band to deliver in terms of a quality.