Watch Your Back - Last Man Standing

Fast and no-bullshit hardcore is what to expect here. Watch Your Back comes ripping through nine songs of straight up and stripped down hardcore. All the tracks focus on pure dopeness instead of slick production or technical wankery This seven inch demonstrates some furious tempos and crazy-ass grooves so if you’re looking for heartbreaking melodies or abstract poetry, this album is not the one. But if you’re chasing that feeling when you first heard Pitboss or One Life Crew, you’re at home.

Songs like Punk Against Hipsters or Angriest Man In The World are fucking killer. The lyrics are awesome, with good flow and straight to the point mentality. With all the songs keeping it raw and simple, there not gonna be much fast-forwarding on this one. 9 tracks altogether and all of them go hard. Another great band from Finland. Recommended stuff!

Self Released, 2012
Review: Dloogi