Review: Calvaria Fuck Fever - Cause Of Chaos

Cause Of Chaos is the band’s first full length and brings some seriously heavy down-tuned metallic hardcore. Thankfully, this is not the type of deathcore with silly haircuts and crab-like moves, but still death metal elements are pretty strong on this one. Most of the time the songs go slow with a combination of slamming guitars and growling vocals, but this style simultaneously works for and against the band.

While there are moments when things get real violent and exciting, there are also moments that they don’t. This isn’t bad; it’s just usually this type of sound does very little for me. Cause of Chaos is brutal, but not really menacing. The tracks have their merits, but the feel isn't quite there. I am not saying that it’s bad though and this doesn’t necessarily mean the band can’t pull off some solid parts. This record has a decent sound and there’s a lot of going on, but somehow it doesn’t grab me by the balls like the recent Xibalba, Harm’s Way or World Of Pain albums.

One Life One Crew Records, 2012
Review: Dloogi