Review: Go For It! - Misanthropy

This is the latest album by Go For It!, a band that made some pretty decent tunes on its previous records but these new songs left me with mixed feelings. Misantrophy is definitely not bad, but something's missing. It might be because I am basically into more straight-to-the-point type of shit. What I look for in hardcore is rawness and aggression, and I never really cared for melodic core, emo or any of that crap. Old school or new school, it has to hit hard. In case of Misantrophy, it just sounds too polished to me. I think the album would definitely benefit from rawer production.

You can hear those guys put a lot of hard work into song writing process though. There are a lot of modern hardcore influences here, but it also makes me think of good old H2O, or even some melodic punk bands at times. There are tons of melodies, slower parts and some hooks to keep things interesting, but many tracks got nothing really capturing about them.

My other problem is that the album seems to drag on at the end, sometimes less is more and 14 tracks in almost 40 minutes seem to be way too much for this type of music. On the positive note, there are couple of moments that sound interesting. Fuck Y’all is a stand out track thanks to guest appearance of Cindy from All For Nothing. That lady has some powerful voice and totally stole this track! Promote The Protest is another decent one, definitely good track to dance to. Like I said, it’s not quite my cup of tea, so it’s best if you check it out for yourself if you like the album, cause if you like hardcore more on the melodic side of things you actually might be into it.