The Last Stand - The Time Is Now

This is the shit right here. Dudes from Inhuman and Shutdown are back with new band and it rips. Armed with Mike’s distinct voice and group of guys who obviously know how to play hardcore, there’s enough talent and dedication here to make everyone excited. No surprisingly, there’s definitely a classic NYHC vibe here and the band definitely nailed down the anger and intensity of the genre. Perhaps, a good mixture of Built To Last’s vitality and Start Today’s positive vibe, with a dose of Age of Quarrel’s aggressive tone is a good way of summing up this album. It’s catchy, upbeat, and perfectly blends punk rock with hardcore to bring back the street element of the music.

When he was still fronting Inhuman, Mike’s lyrics have always been respected for his honesty and intelligence. Fortunately, not much has changed and he still manages to convey his message thought simple, yet effective language. Down to earth lyrics and powerful message is what makes it able to strike an emotional chord in me.

This Time Is Now is filled with one great track after another. Unleashed is a good opener with a strong beat and powerful gang vocals. It has a huge potential to make pit go crazy. Then Where Were You? comes on and the band does well with more melodic beat. Watch You Go is a heavier tune that can't be dismissed mostly with catchy hook in the chorus and guest vocals by Lou Koller of Sick of It All. Lives Lost is another tight song with a fast beat that works right. Find Out is another killer song that features guest vocals by Dave Franklin of Vision.

Actually, there are no weak tracks in here. This is the type of album you can listen to all the way through without hitting the skip button. Whether the band keeps it groovy or melodic or hits a heavier note, they never sound less than powerful.

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