Assorted News: Race Riot 59, Reaper's Path, St.Hood, No One Rules

Race Riot 59 discography coming soon via Unholy House Records. The label will also release new Crowd Deterrent album - two new songs, an old song re-done, and a cover of Fury Of 5 - Takin Respect.

Straight & Alert Distro is having a big winter sale from January 8th to February 11th. Check out discounted items here. More than 700 items on sale! The other news is that Germany's Dogchains have joined the label for a debut 7″. The release will be a collabolarion between S&A, Life To Live Records (USA) and Dogchains singer’s label, Balance Records (Germany).

The Dead Man's Chest will drop Negative Mental Attitude EP on Seventh Dagger Records. More info soon!

Reaper's Path have dropped new 7" ep Vicious Cycle via Powertrip Records. 4 new tracks, don't miss it!

Keep an eye on Culture Rot - a new label from UK. Their first release will be Think Ahead's demo tape. Boston influenced hardcore punk ffo. Negative Approach etc.

No One Rules - new 7" is coming out in 2014 on Solid Bond. Meanwhile, you can support these dudes by checking out their merch here.

Real Deal zine, done by Gary and Scott from Naysayer, is available here. Interviews with Bent Life, Criminal Instinct, Incendiary, No One Rules and Well Fed.

Bound X By X Modern X Age - The Zine #1 is out! Interviews with Bands like X Repentance X, Foreseen, Lies!, Lions and Get It Done! Interesting stuff (to read) about veganism and the straight edge; with controversial topics like hardline and political correctness. Get your copy here.

Check out new St.Hood track here. It's taken from their upcoming studio album, set to release in 2014, via Knives Out Records.