Review: Raw Justice - We don't need your friends

Raw Justice - We don't need your friends (Straight & Alert, Ugly & Proud records, Life To Live) - If you’re into bands like Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, No Tolerance or The Rival Mob, that’s your shit right here. It’s as fast and pissed off just as it should be, Raw Justice stick to the pure hardcore formula and keeps it simple, aggressive and fast. The vocalist Alex’s delivery is on point and the band can hold their own musically. The result is an ep that many hardcore kids can feel.

The lyrics are down to earth and talk about everyday pressures and hardships, but it’s not all negative and the band takes more positive stance overall. I dig the Take A Pill track, which talks about crooked doctors who prescribe drugs just because they get paid by big pharmaceutical companies. Those corrupted bastards are out for your money only. It’s not common that hardcore bands take on this topic. Anyway, good record if you’re into in-your-face type of hardcore!