Assorted News: Sub-Zero, Knuckledust, Lifeless and more...

"Busy writing our new album for 2014! The new material is THUUUMPIN!"

Fuck yes! Sub-Zero are back and working on new music!

Knuckledust is working on new songs for the upcoming 7" ep due out in September. The record will drop via GSR Music.

The same goes for Lifeless, who's new album gonna be titled 'Dream'. Recording is in the works, keep checking thier stereokiller where all the new songs gonna be available even before official release. 2014 is gonna be good!

The Power To Endure by Hollow Truth has been available for streaming for a while now. If you've been sleeping on it, get your act right cause the album is quite dope. As I am writing this, 12" vinyl should be available from Powertrip Records

Life.Lair.Regret. Recs will release a debut tape from Upperground, female fronted band from Sydney, Australia. You can check out the Ne Order track below, it features Warbain's Lloyd, which seems to be the main reason this track don't suck.

"The L.A. Journal #1, a fanzine by focussing on the good things in life: hardcore music, traveling, art, vegan/vegetarian food, opinions, and our community. The zine includes interviews with Expire, Backtrack, Turnstile, Angel Du$t, and Kids Insane." Order your copy here.