Sworn Enemy is back at it again

You can stream new Sworn Enemy in its full glory now. I don't usually post videos like this but since this one was put on youtube with band's permission I guess it's ok to share it. Straight off the bat, I'm not a big fan of their previous releases, basically everything after The Beginning Of The End was crap, but I've heard that new album is good so I was curious to check it out. I need to listen to it in full several times before making my opinion, but the first impression is that it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, there are some dope moments here and there and it's great to see the band taking less metal and more hardcore approach. That doesn't means they gave up on the whole thrash thing, but there are songs on Living... that definitely carry the same feeling as As Real As It Gets or The Beginning Of The End. Approved.

What do you think about it?