Video: Embitter - Echoes

Embitter: First single off the debut Embitter full length '1134', released on The Coming Strife Records.

Interview: On Sight

Credit: Steven Pendini

Could you please introduce On Sight and give us some history of the band?
On sight started in 2016 most of us grew up together while those who didn’t years of music has brought us together.

Were you in any bands before?
Doug and Darren played in a few local projects before On Sight but I know Edgar and Dante played in a solid njhc band KNUCKLE UP!

Video: Rebelmatic - Insult to Injury

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Criminal Instinct - Skull Fucked

Terrible Things was THE shit and now this little gem drops showing these dudes are still at the top of the game. This is just 2 tracks clocking in just over 1 minute in total and on both of them the band is in full fuck this mode. This little piece of total annihilation of societal norms and over-the-top ultraviolence should be saluted!

Groove wit it: Bun Dem Out - Treason

LBU's bloody reign of terror in East London leaves residents horrified.

If you are here for some life changing ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Treason is a slick and savage new track from London's Bun Dem Out. It's about how real soldatos do their thing and don't listen to shit anyone tells them. This type of thinking is the only mindset that can get you somewhere so pay attention and try to apply this shit in real life.

Musically, only a few can deliver beatdown hardcore with that much verve and style. Not to mention Pelbu's vocals being a huge selling point here. He snarls, spits, and hollers his way through one nasty groove after the other. I vouch this is legit!

Review: Regulate - In the Promise of Another Tomorrow

It came out in 2018 but finally got my dirty hands on this gem. Seeing all the hype about this release it's obvious the band has made a name for itself and I am not surprised at all. I remember listening to Years Of Rage thinking that stuff was dope, but In the Promise is a certified level up. The sound is so crunchy and the vocals deliver mad crazy flow. Dude sounds nothing like whoever. At first, it took me some time to get used to his vocal tone, but he shows character and attitude in his delivery that eventually got me hooked. The band is insanely talented as they work with that in-your-face hardcore formula but add layers of various flavors without overcomplicating shit. It's a gift! Almost all the songs are short and sweet yet there's a depth to it you wouldn't expect at first listen. I lose my shit listening to tracks like 11 33 or Wrong Side Of History. Powerful and angry stuff. And I was totally not ready for Character Arc, a complete change of pace and vibe into more melodic territory with clean singing and shit. Skip all the other bullshit and check this record out. It stays with you!

Edgewood Records, 2018

Groove Wit It: Steel Nation - 2 Many Times

Steel Nation is a band that`s droppin` bombs on your ass with every record they bless the world with. Both Forever Wounded and The Harder They Fall were fat to death so imagine they will be teaming up with France's Knives Out Records for their first new album in 6 years - The Big Sleep. I can't picture it being anything short than awesome, as proved on the track below. If 2 Many Times isn't a masterpiece, then I don't know what is. If you want to hear about some shit that's not right in the world today along with some thick-as-a-brick hardcore that's your stuff right here. 

Video: Clearview - Concrete Jungle

Clearview may be one of the hardest bands you don't know. Concrete Jungle is taken from their 2017 lp Absolute Madness which makes me think how the hell a clip is 2 years in a making when there are people doing proper movies using their iPhones. In a week.

Musicwise, Concrete Jungle is another hard-hitter from the Brazilians and with all the heat this one delivers don’t for a second think it's not groovy. It's a rare thing when a song makes you wanna punch walls while nodding your head.

New Music: Forced Under - Break The Chains

Some heavy shit! Beatdown hardcore from Maryland,US delivered with more finesse than your average but still sounding like they want to fuck you up. Coward and Turncoat are the best tracks in here that keep on creeping on in my head. Reading the lyrics this is some grim, vicious and joyless outlook on the world. Compton, the vocalist, as any clear-thinking individual, is aware that this world is not doing good and it's only getting worse. From betrayal to the pressures of society to this world being ran by idiots, all the key struggles in life are covered. Check it out if heavy ass beatdown hardcore is you thing.

Interview: Exposure

Exposure rep German hardcore scene and I gotta tell you, their latest stuff in the form of Atonement will wreck you. The band stays winning with heavy ass Clevo worship sounding like In Cold Blood or some shit. This is my unexpected champing of recent months and if you sleep on this band, you're a total ass.

Straight off the bat, that Atonement promo tracks are fire. We will talk about that, but first tell me about Exposure. How it all began?
Thanks man, appreciate it. Exposure began as a - probably late night - idea of mine when I was watching some movie of questionable quality. I had a bunch of riffs and ideas floating around in my head and decided to try and turn them into songs. Few weeks later, I did some rough demoing and showed it to rest. Except for Mi(s)cha, we had all been in a Powerviolence band of sorts called Hikikomori that never really went anywhere and we had joked that Volker sounded too much like Dwid at times to not seize that opportunity, so there we are.

So, give us some insights about Atonement. How the promo tracks are representative for the upcoming full length?
Well, they're 2 songs that sort of cover the spread of what we do as a band. We mosh, we pogo (leather jacket with Deathside and Bastard backpatches) and we enjoy the heavy metal music. Also, these are the 2 songs of the full length we've been playing for the longest. The rest of the full length is different variations of what we've done on the demo. A little more finesse maybe but in essence, our approach is trying to write a hard song with several hard riffs.

For the collectors, who will release the album and on what format?
We're still trying to figure out the specifics but it will most likely be vinyl only.

Your sound has been compared to Clevo bands, do you agree with it? What bands were major influences when starting the band?
Oh yeah, definitely. I'm trying to channel the obvious, golden era Integrity, Ringworm, In Cold Blood, Only The Strong Compilation but I also look to bands like Bastard, Deathside and other Japanese Hardcore bands for influence.