This blog is about hardcore and things connected to hardcore. It is something I like to do in my free time and it will be here as long as I am excited for every interview, review, demo download and other stuff I post here.

Contact: jacco.hc (at) gmail.com

Bands, labels, show promoters etc. - feel free to contact me, I always try to help out to get your stuff noticed. I appreciate all the bands and labels that get in touch and I do my best to reply to every e-mail. But if you don’t get any reply after two weeks, contact me again.

I generally don’t do reviews from mp3s and online streams, unless we’re friends or I really like your band. Corrupting me with some free goods is the best way to get your stuff reviewed.

Given the time I have to put into this website, I need to focus on the stuff that I feel excited about. If it’s raw and it’s rugged, it can be here. Otherwise, don't bother.

Friendship, loyalty, commitment!