Video: Knuckledust - Humanity's Nightmare

Knuckledust is back at it again giving us an injection of pure, unfiltered hardcore with some heavy thoughts on today's politics and how democracy is shit cause most people are idiots. This is one of the hardest tracks on their recent album but you gotta blast this shit loud as fuck to get the desired effect.

New Life After Death

New LIFE AFTER DEATH. Watch out... [FWH Records]

[ep] Snuff Out - Let it Go

Up-and-coming Polish hardcore Snuff Out have finished working on their debut ep. Expect traditional hardcore which means fast and in your face delivery with pissed off vibe and real life lyrics. 11 tracks packed on a 7" piece of wax, you get the picture.

The 7" will be released by Ratel Records, place your orders here.


Video: Cold Hard Truth - TruthGetta

I wasn't aware Cold Hard Truth were active again but it turns out the new album Truthgetta is dropping on FWH Recs as we speak. Back in the days I was very much into Reflect The Conflict, but I got mixed feelings about this new track. They used to be more Shattered Realm than Nasty, but somehow this old school beatdown groove is gone and they moved toward something way more modern. The whole album is posted on their bandcamp and I can easily name tracks that are better than the title one, like Violence Is The Answer - the shortest one but most tight. On the other hand, there are tracks that are fast but don't really go nowhere and after their over I don't remember any of it. Best thing for you to do is to check it out yourself and make up your own opinion.

Bandcamp: No Way Out - Corrupt Corrupted Corruption

The title of this demo made me stop for a second and think what the fuck, but it makes more sense when you read the lyrics to Pharoah's Fury which deal with injustice and pressure from those in power. Actually, these tracks have more depth than it might seem on first listen. Much of this material deals with police abuse of power, but there is a room for more personal stuff as well. Musically it's hard-hitting and raw like any good hardcore should be. The skills are there and they know how to write tracks both bouncy and heavy.


Review: Backfire! / Cornered - split

More Backfire! and Cornered never sits wrong. Both bands dropped full albums in recent times that were so good that obviously no one expected this split to disappoint. And they didn’t. When I got this shit for review after first listen all I could think about is that what both bands do over here is on the level many others will never reach. Only two tracks in total and from start to finish they give it raw and uncut. There was not a wasted moment in this. Backfire is sending you straight to hardcore heaven with Mosh Minable. The track is sharp and in your face, from chugging rhythms to hard as hell groove to forceful vocals everything gets the job done. Cornered as always delivers beastly tracks blending fury of hardcore and evil of metal to good effect. No doubt Time Has Come delivers that rage that is expected from this band. Raw, bitter, and loveless work of hardcore.

Strength Records, 2016

Back in the days: Krutch road stories

Taken from an old interview with Richie Krutch back from 2002:

Any Interesting Road Stories From Any Of The Bands?

HAHA, yea a lot, but here is one of my favorites...The first night we played Germany, our shit was stolen, I am talking CASH, cameras, jackets. So we were like fuck it, we split up, some went up the street, some went down the street, next thing we know, our man Pepi is walking towards up dragging this German skinhead dood, he found the guy with all our stuff. So we torture him, make him take us back to his house, bash in the door, all that. Anyway, after leaving him near death, our drummer Shawn turns on his video cam of the show that night, It turns out the kid that stole the camera taped himself jerking off in the alley near the club... we were laughing like crazy.


Review: God’s Hate - Mass Murder

I’m not falling for all the hype surrounding Gods Hate but I gotta admit there’s this element in their music that makes them stand out in today’s hardcore landscape. Mass Murder delivers was the certified and official sound of hardcore around 1997-2000, the period when the finest records by Hatebreed, Born From Pain and 100 Demons came out, Yeah, so this shit has been done for ages and copied ever since but still not everyone can pull off this style right. There has been a slew of bands paying homage to that sound but somehow God’s Hate seem to do it better than most. Mass Murder is tight skills, impeccable ear for sharp riffs and heavy vibe all funneled into hard as nails hardcore. What makes it click is that it’s heavy as hell and sharp in its execution. No game changer but the record is filled with fat riffing and massive groove, there are even solos that are well placed so they don’t bog down or halt the flow of the song.

Lyrics have more depth that I expected. Throughout Mass Murder there is a sense of injustice and chaos of everyday life. It’s not a downer though the band speaks about serious stuff to make you aware and stand up to the forces that are pressing down on us.

All in all, people acting like this type of sound is too played out have to stop pretending hardcore is something more than pissed of people. As long as it's sincere I'm all for it.

Closed Casket Activities, 2016

Cornered Interview

The new album is called Hate Mantras, can you tell me the story and idea behind the name?
Daan wrote a Rhythm to the Madness EP called Hate Mantras. That band quit so he had those songs ready. We didnt use any of the songs but the name stuck. A hardcore song is a Hate Mantra per definition. It fits the lyrics as they deal with a lot of hate.

Personally, I think the album rips. As this is your creation, how is the album sitting with you when you listen to it now?
I am really into it. Its the first record that came out quite quickly so whereas before it would take ages for the record to come out and I'd be fed up with the songs before we even recorded them or put them out. I love each song for what it is because we've all contributed to this record instead of having one of us writing all the riffs. The guitars and the drums sound tight and I like the way my vocals ended up on most songs.

How is the record doing in terms of feedback from the listeners? Was it well received? Are you even concerned about this stuff?
Its always nice to hear kids are into it, everything we've gotten back so far has been very positive so thats cool. Even before the actual record was out. Reviews have been overwhelming and many of my friends were into it and even my family liked the way it sounded for the first time that meant a lot to me.

Video: Bayside Kings - Another Point Of View!

Another dope band from Brazil. This track is short but slick as fuck. After seeing this clip I've checked their older videos on youtube and they were ok, but this new one is definitely more up my valley. There is tons of great hardcore coming from Brazil nowadays and hopefully more people from Europe, US or Asia will give that scene a chance.