New Blood: Short Fuse

Italy's newest hardcore hope sharing some insights on...

...the band:

Short fuse is an hardcore band based in rome, born in 2014 by the need to play loud music and scream our voices through these hard times. after a rough two songs demo, recorded after only six months, and some line-up changes we recorded our first ep in 2016 "what still remains", released by indelirum records,. After two years of live shows in italy and a last line-up change, we improved our sound, we hope in more personal way, mixing 90's and old school roots with some melodic and metallic riffage. We recorded in august 2018 our first full length album "sink or Swim", released always through indelirium records, along with our first official video for the titletrack. Right now, we've just played the release party in our hometown and we're planning some next shows, and we can't wait to play live again, hopefully also outside italy!

... the message in the music:

Lyrically we're all engaged in social and political issues, because in our opinion, especially nowadays, there's literally the need to say something about what's going on in this mad world. We believe that's not anachronistic for a hardcore band to restate our positions against fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia and basically against everything built on hate, trying to spread a positive message. However we have always loved also the more personal issues in hardcore lyrics, so in this album we've also written something about our personal lives and feelings, hoping that someone out there can relate to it. element:

Speaking about live shows, that's probably the aspect we like the most about being in a band, especially in a hardcore band. We always try to give 100% on stage, actually when there's a stage hah, because we feel that the energy created inside the gig's room should be used outside it, trying to give our best to turn those words into actions.

...Roma hardcore scene:

Rome's hardcore punk scene is alive and well and there are a lot of great bands! new Bands like Nofu, Not sober at all, movement, closed speech, blair, lenders, irao, fuoco and so on are keeping the standards really high, along with the old school bands, each one with a personal way of doing it. As short fuse we're also part otf the till death collective, a new crew made by friends with the simple but essential aim to aggregate people at hardcore gigs, sharing and comparing their own ideas and thoughts.

Check out Short Fuse @ Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp

Streaming: Combust NYHC - Tigers and Rats

Another sure shot from Combust NYHC. This track has the fury, force and chances are something to offend you which is kind of the point. Keep an eye on this band, they're one of the best out right now.

New music: Faded - Victim

Faded is totally ruthless and bad-assed metallic hardcore from Virginia Beach and this is their newest track. Victim is nasty and I hope there's more of that good shit coming in 2019. Click play and put it on full blast!

Risk It!: Eastern Europe dates and upcoming 7 inch 'Era of Decay'

Support Risk It! on the upcoming tour across Eastern Europe this March hitting places like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, & Serbia. Exact dates are below.

In April the band is dropping 'Era Of Decay' 7" via Farewell Records!

Demo Daze: Outstand - Promo 2019

Dope shit just keeps on coming from Gothenburg! Outstand features members of other prominent local bands Undone and Lowest Creature and these 2 promo tracks are no less than ruthless and raw hardcore with the most malicious vocals. And man, I love No Limit vibe of the cover art. Click download and spend some quality time with this music on rotation.


New music: Dead Heat - Certain Death

Cot damn! New Dead Heat rips! This track is brilliant combo of hardcore crossover fury, boiling anger and conscious shit. A mandatory listen! Full album to be out via Edgewood Records.

Our leaders will kill us / If we don’t stay strong / In order to lead on / We have to give up / The way that we live / These things that we do
/ All lead us to death / To repeat and start new.

Review: Scarboro - Wolves on the Radio

Scarboro is a NY based punk rock band with a sound that is both aggressive and melodic. Wolves... is pretty good, mid-tempo music that didn't hook me at the start but after a couple of listens, I was sold. My fav must be Another Day. That track isn't an obvious choice as it lacks catchy gang vocals and is on the almost melancholic vibe, but somehow I can sense there's more depth to it than I initially gave it credit for. It just resonates with my soft side, almost making this cold heart of mine melt. It's OK for a man to cry, as long as it's manly tears though! The lyrics are on the personal note and mostly about trying to get by without losing your sanity. I can relate to a lot of it and reading the lyrics I can sense this dude needed to get this shit off his chest. The recording has a raw edge to it but it works just fine for this type of music. If you like it catchy, mid-tempo punk with down to earth attitude you’d better get on this!

WTF Records, 2018

Video: Spirit Crusher - Potential in Kindness

I see potential in kindness
Reaching out to others
Turning strangers into sisters and brothers

Some positive words in this new tune from Spirit Crusher. Band's first LP "Whispers Against the Roar of the World" out soon on The Essence Recs.

Review: Eisberg - Few Will Remain

Eisberg is a name I've heard being thrown around but never really got to hear their sound until now. And straight off the bat, Few Will Remain is a blast. This album has seven tracks and they go hard on all of them. With the first beat of the opening track, Enough Is Enough, I was drawn in by the vibe and energy the band delivers. The record is a NYHC-styled stomper that people into bands like Risk It! or No Turning Back should dig.

Less than twenty minutes in total, the album moves at a brisk pace and doesn’t take any long pauses between action, which works just fine for me. I’m not saying this is super fast, I’d say it’s fast-mid-tempo to fast-tempo mostly. And yes, there’s a lot of chugging grooves everybody likes to get down to.

Check this record out. It’s pretty damned good. Every track is strong and there seems to be a legit mindset and spirit behind the band.

BDHW, 2018

Live: Merauder - Master Killer (feat Stephen Bessac)