New Blood: Chaver

>>Leipzig, Germany-based hardcore with style that goes from punk to metal and back
>>New record called Transference is just out via Injustice Records

For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?
First, thanks a lot for your interest in Chaver and for asking us these questions. So yeah, we´re Chaver. The 3 of us are chris, winny and willi and we play a mix of heavy hardcore, riffy metal and fast punk. Our base is Leipzig in the eastern part of Germany. We started in 2016 and released a couple records since. First was a Split 7“ with german powerviolence band BATTRA// and a year later in early 2017, we pressed our 1st EP STROKE on a 12“ vinyl. Later that year, we recorded the SWAMP EP tape and very luckily, INJUSTICE records was down to put it out it. In february 2019 we finally released our first album through INJUSTICE on a yellow 12“. It’s called TRANSFERENCE and we´re very glad how it turned out. Between our releases, we´ve been pretty much touring through Europe all the time. Weekenders and tours through small diy clubs as well as festival appearences. We´ve tried to play as much as possible and put heaps of effort into it. We still are.

What’s your goal with this band?
Wow, that’s a tough one. Our Goal with this band? There are a couple. Writing better songs all the time. Bring heavier riffs, have thighter drumpatterns, wich fit the overall song atmosphere better, writing lyrics that display our feelings, yet deliver the message more on point, having better songstructutres… all summed up, becoming better songwriters. Then, we would say, become a better liveband. Play thighter, play a good mix of songs, have the sound as good and as heavy as possible, having the live process more professional technicwise. that last thing goes hand in hand with trying to play more professional concerts and also venues to deliver a better concert (for example when it comes to sound and light). On the other hand, we´ve always supported the diy scene in small squated houses and stuff. We don´t want to miss that and feel very compfy there as well. and if you play good, you can pull a great set in the most primitive (technicwise) places as well, that’s for sure. we would also like to see more places then we´ve had so far. we´re planing to visit at least 8 new places in 2019. lets see how this turnes out. for sure, we want me people to know about Chaver and to listen to our music. That’s for sure. a dream would be playing somewhere overseas. Maybe we get to have this possibility one day.

Ad Of The Day

Gut Reaction: Leeway NYC - I'm Your Pusher

So Leeway has a new video out and I decided to check it out. It's called I'm Your Pusher and is all sorts of fun. Everything sounds 100% on point musically and I can't imagine anyone not liking this track. Powerful riffs and vocals laced with a mixture of menace and paranoia. Eddie seems like a guy that has been through rough ass time in his life and got no problem wearing his pain on his sleeve. You can't fake it!

When I first got into hardcore I slept on Leeway for a bit, and I regret it. Still, I've never listened to anything by them beyond the first two albums so I have no idea how this song fits the evolution of the band. I don't even know if that type of thinking makes sense given it is band's first new music in like 25 years. This I know, nothing they record in 2019 will be discussed in the same terms as Born to Expire or Desperate Measures. But it's fine. That's not the point. These dudes have been in and out involved in hardcore since Leeway days were over so to me this reunion is legit. Can't wait to hear rest of the tunes they've been working on lately.

Download: Combat Shock - Retaliation

Russia’s Combat Shock caught my ear in 2017 with the release of Sacrifice demo, which I’m still hoping gets a physical release one day. Fast forward to 2019 and Retaliation drops, four tracks of crossover madness that fuses the rawness of bands like Carnivore, Crumbsuckers and Leeway. Lyrics are about war, society day and end of days. Plus Sepultura cover. This shit is insane in the best of ways!


Video: Heavy Runner - Life Music

Heavy Runner goes hard and violently on this track. Think Stout by way of Turnstile with a heavy All We Got Iz Us-era Onyx vibe. This is forward thinking stuff!

Download: Last Wishes - D.Y.P. Promo




Ireland's Last Wishes just dropped new promo tracks and I could tell from the first note that this one is a winner. The material, clocking in at little more than 10 minutes, is extremely focused and cohesive. Definitely best stuff they put out so far. Listening to Forced Into Sin I feel like this is the kind of hardcore that Fury Of V could be doing if they were still around making new music. You can really tell these dudes are from the gross part of town!


New Music: Big Cheese - Tower To The Sun

Painkiller Records
are releasing a discography comp by UK's Big Cheese and along with all the older tunes there's a new track called Tower To The Sun that is filthy, massive and menacing as you’d come to expect from the band. It has a dope Bad Brains by Breakdown vibe and the chorus sounds beastly. Peep it below.

Interview: Coldstare

Bounce Back album by Belgium's Cold Stare was a solid slice of NYHC influenced hardcore with lyrics anyone could latch onto. Part serious and grimy, part positive and uplifting, the themes on the album are deeply rooted in an attitude where loyalty and self respect are always front and center. For people raised on healthy dose of Backfire! or Rykers the album delivers all the tropes a starved eurocore junkie could possibly want. If you're in that group I suggest get familiar with Cold Stare, starting from the interview with band's vocalist Philippe

For the kids who may not know who you are, can you introduce the band and tell us where you are from?
Thanks for reaching out & doing this interview! COLDSTARE originates from Antwerp/Belgium. The line-up is Willy on guitar, Javier plays bass and Glenn ‘Lappy’ is our drummer. Glenn is our original drummer. He rejoined the band end 2017. I’m Philippe doing vocals.

Your recent album Bounce Back came out just recently. For those who were too lazy to check it out, what they should expect from it?
Hell yeah! It’s released by WTF Records. Ask your local hc dealer, get it from WTF Records & Distro or directly from (bandcamp) , worldwide shipping available.

„Bounce Back“ is a very diverse album. You’ll get in-your-face fast oldschool hardcore alternated with up-tempo songs, grooves, breakdowns, singalongs, two-step parts, some more bouncy hip-hop influences, some metal parts, punk songs… You know, we all mix it up. That’s what sets us apart from a lot of other bands. We play a melting pot of styles.

Oldschool hardcore stays the backbone of every song. Most important to us is a good song structure. We try to avoid milking out the same riff or break all over again.

Review: Probation – Fucked By Life

This record has a super negative vibe, questionable songwriting and absolutely no finesse when it comes to the track titles and lyrics. You can't take too seriously a record with that title and lyrics like 'life sucks, kill yourself'. I can sense this dude is going over the edge but the way he puts it to words lacks any depth or weight. If I was to put my life experiences into a song it would sound something like that, but that’s the reason I don’t write lyrics.

Musically, some of the songs are ass but there are moments when they shine, but getting to that good stuff will have you digging through a lot of unnecessary crap. The more straight forward parts are ok, basically the faster the more it is to my taste. But all the sludgy and weird elements, man, they need to go! It only overcomplicates stuff when there's no need for that. Overall, to me it's a record with too many dysfunctional parts that were supposed to be amusing but just aren't. To end on a positive note, the cover artwork looks sick so this album stays on the shelf anyway!

WTF Records, 2018

New Blood: Short Fuse

Italy's newest hardcore hope sharing some insights on...

...the band:

Short fuse is an hardcore band based in rome, born in 2014 by the need to play loud music and scream our voices through these hard times. after a rough two songs demo, recorded after only six months, and some line-up changes we recorded our first ep in 2016 "what still remains", released by indelirum records,. After two years of live shows in italy and a last line-up change, we improved our sound, we hope in more personal way, mixing 90's and old school roots with some melodic and metallic riffage. We recorded in august 2018 our first full length album "sink or Swim", released always through indelirium records, along with our first official video for the titletrack. Right now, we've just played the release party in our hometown and we're planning some next shows, and we can't wait to play live again, hopefully also outside italy!

... the message in the music:

Lyrically we're all engaged in social and political issues, because in our opinion, especially nowadays, there's literally the need to say something about what's going on in this mad world. We believe that's not anachronistic for a hardcore band to restate our positions against fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia and basically against everything built on hate, trying to spread a positive message. However we have always loved also the more personal issues in hardcore lyrics, so in this album we've also written something about our personal lives and feelings, hoping that someone out there can relate to it. element:

Speaking about live shows, that's probably the aspect we like the most about being in a band, especially in a hardcore band. We always try to give 100% on stage, actually when there's a stage hah, because we feel that the energy created inside the gig's room should be used outside it, trying to give our best to turn those words into actions.

...Roma hardcore scene:

Rome's hardcore punk scene is alive and well and there are a lot of great bands! new Bands like Nofu, Not sober at all, movement, closed speech, blair, lenders, irao, fuoco and so on are keeping the standards really high, along with the old school bands, each one with a personal way of doing it. As short fuse we're also part otf the till death collective, a new crew made by friends with the simple but essential aim to aggregate people at hardcore gigs, sharing and comparing their own ideas and thoughts.

Check out Short Fuse @ Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp