New music from Harriers (Lifers Recs)

New track for Harriers out of Montreal, Canada. New record, which gonna be the first full length from the band, due out via Lifers Records. It's called VOLTE|FACE and I'm sure it's gonna be dope. Peep the raw version of one of the tracks off of the album below.


Download: Waste Of Life - Nothing To Gain

Rhode Island hardcore on the heavier side of things. Seven tracks that drop heavy with tight guitar work, hard drums and distorted, rough vocals. The ep came out earlier this year but I am gonna share it here for those who weren't aware. Waste Of Life aren't doing anything new, but are doing it damn well. The ep is almost sold out, but if you want a copu you can always try to get in touch with these dudes, maybe you'll have some luck.


New Blood: Terrible Minds

Terrible Minds straight from the depths PAHC bring that beefy, tough hardcore everybody loves. Their recent record Devolution is absolute ripper, full of ignorant, pitbull-like aggression and pissed-off, fuck-you attitude. I suggest everyone into hard-ass hardcore like No Retreat, Krutch or Menace give it a listen.

Congrats on the release of your recent record Devolution. Give us some overview, how do you feel about it and the reception it gets?
We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from it from a lot of really great people. We're proud of how it turned out, but it makes it so much better hearing it from others.

Is there any type of message in your music that you want to send to the listeners?
Just be yourself, don't give up on your goals, and always keep your head up. Stay true to the people around you that you love and you can achieve anything.

Review: Forced Order - Eternal War

Forced Order - Eternal War 7"(Ratel) - Considering that after releasing this ep the band got signed to Revelation, I gotta applaud the business skills of Ratel staff to hunt down new talent in hardcore. Well, after their demo that dropped in the beginning of this year it was plain to see the band is up to great things. The fact some of the members are (or were) also in Twitching Tongues, Soul Search, Disgrace and Harness could also have played a role.

Forced Order plays hardcore that owes a lot to 90’ metallic new school with tons of beefed up riffs, stomping breakdowns and relatable, but seriously aggressive lyrics. They pull enough of their own weight though and that’s what makes them stand out. Some people compare them to old Integrity or In Cold Blood, but I don’t know. It’s pissed off as fuck and the vocals sound menacing, but it doesn’t have that evil vibe. Not to say there’s not substance in their music. Hell, these songs are packed with enough nerve and force to crush concrete. The dude who does vocals sounds like hatred for the world is the sole purpose of his existence. I respect that!

The guitar work on this one is tight, maybe I’m getting older but I dig all the solos they throw in now and there. Considering most of the tracks barely hit 1,5 minute mark, the amount of hooks and tricks they put into these songs is amazing. It grabs you from the first track and never let go. Definitely a killer ep!

Demo Daze: Rage Cage - Sick Songs

Rage Cage is new band from Italy started with a mission to bring classic-era hardcore back to life. An inside person in the band told me the main influences are Fit of Anger , Breakdown, Outburst, Raw Deal etc. and if that's not rad I don't know what is. I am sure these dudes have hearts and minds in a right place, you can hear it in the music.

All the tunes are solid, rather fast but with good dose of heavy groove. The vocals are on point, and although I don't know exactly the lyrics, something tells me song titles like Street Invaders, Mad Dog Killer or Revenge are something I can relate to.


Fuck MTV...

Here are two brand new clips by bands that I hold in high regard:

No Turning Back - Destination Unknown
This is taken from band's upcoming record titled 'Never Give Up'. Hell no, only weak people fall back! Looking at this video makes me want to quit my job and start a hardcore band. If I had any talent, that means.

Desperate Times - Like Wolves Among Sheep
Like Wolves Among Sheep, coming from "Looking for Solution" 7" available from Ratel Records.

Download: Stone - Demo 2014

As far as I know, this band has members of Expire or something. Also, Cross Me and Black Ice. This demo is actually even better than the last Expire. Metallic hardcore with beefed up riffs and vocals that sound mean and forceful. It's not too fast, but the groove is right and it doesn't get boring.


Live From Studio: Last Warning

Last Warning (Belo Horizonte) is working on a debut album, due out in early 2015. Hope free youth!

New label to watch: Soulwrecked Records

Soulwrecked Recs
based in Düsseldorf (Germany) has dropped Warbrain's 'Void Of Confusion' Lp and 'The Pain of Rebirth' (3 tracks, one-sided 12"), as well as AYS and In Circle split (with Powertrip Records). Pretty good stuff, especially Warbrain - if you don't know this band, go and check them out.

Review: The Real Deal - Demo 2014

The Real Deal - Demo 2014 (Straight & Alert) - Cleveland hardcore is a brand and whenever you hear someone using that term you kind of automatically expect the music to be dark and grimey, very much in vein of classics like Integrity or In Cold Blood. The Real Deal rep Clevo core to the fullest, but their music is something different that you would expect. And it’s good, cause I really got caught by surprise by this demo. It’s heavy and hard-hitting, but its vibe is more down to life than crap like church of satan and shit. All the songs are dynamic with sharp riffs and fat drums, and the vocals get the job done with no-frills approach. There’s enough fast parts to keep old school kids satisfied, but they also know how to deliver heavy stomp part that will get kids kick shit out of each other. There's some Clevo influences but more in vein of OLC or Heavyweight, and there’s some more NYHC-flavored vibes as well. All in all highly recommended!