Review: Concrete - No Dawn

Another one from Albany,NY-based Concrete and just like their previous stuff, No Dawn is a heavy-hitter. The band specializes in heavy, gritty hammer-and-nails hardcore and in this regard, this ep does not disappoint. It seems like they were aiming for heavier sound than on previous records, but thankfully they managed to do it without losing all the necessary hardcore elements. Their sound is deeply rooted in old school but with solid metallic parts and breakdowns and mosh. These dudes can play and skill-wise this is above the average, the guitar work is technical though they keep it sharp all the way and drumming is more than on point. Especially the rhythm section is keeping everything together with a steady groove for the rest of the band to follow.

If you're into heavier side of hardcore you owe it to yourself to listen to this one because it's exactly what one would need. Though it sounds technical, it’s hard-hitting and carriers enough of that anger and aggression that separate hardcore from phony metal. Each track is hard hitting and punchy and this might be their best material to date.

Fast Break! Records, 2016

Debut 7" by Red Vision (Richmond, VA hardcore)

Richmond, VA traditional brand of hardcore . This self titled 7" has been brought to the masses by Edgewood Records. When you have a hardcore record where every element fits - the band is legit, music hits hard, vocals are on point and lyrics are no bullshit - you gotta appreciate it. Give it a try.

FFO: Floorpunch, 86 Mentality, & Sick Of It All


PAHC history: Boxcutter begginnings

From an old interview with Richie Krutch about how Boxcutter came about:

Well, we recorded 4 songs for a Krutch EP then we realized that the contract we already where in would forbid that CD, so we decided to make another band with some other guys. Thats why the Thug Rock CD is like it is...the new Boxcutter is much different, the songs where written for Boxcutter, not Krutch, whole new style."


New Crowd Deterrent ep

Hated Ones is finally available for streaming and you know I always got time for Crown Deterrent music. The fact that there are only 3 songs in total is a let down, but at least each one rips. I already posted about the title track so I naturally I was mostly curious about the other ones. Cursed has a dope thrash vibe to it and is a definite heavy-hitter. Call your crew , not the cops is 100% hardcore/hardcore with spot on attitude detailing a complex code of honor, betrayals, respect, streets, jail, or worse. All in all, Crowd Deterrent went hard on this one

Train Yard Blues re-issue coming this May

Stronger Than Before Records from NJ will be releasing Train Yard Blues on vinyl on May, 21st.

Review: Cornered - Hate Mantras

I admit I am a Cornered fan boy, I am pretty much down with everything they do before it even comes out. The band is one of the hardest and sharpest in Europe and this new album is to prove it. If hard as nail hardcore packed with thug posturing and self-destructive emotions is your bag, then track this one immediately. Hate Mantras knocks out 6 tracks of heavy, punishing hardcore with metallic overtones. The band has ability to make hard-hitting NYHC beat, grimy Clevo heaviness and European vibe flow together to create mean ass hardcore to annoy your neighbors and disgust your girlfriend. Think of something between Breakdown, Ringworm and No Turning Back, if that makes sense.

This record is their best stuff since Living The Lie. It’s way better than Sudden Death, which had its moments but also a deal of less memorable tracks. On this one each track holds its own. On top of it Niels’ attacks his verses in his usual brash fashion carrying this sucker to next level. This dude is a truly disturbed soul and each track is a reminder that violence solves everything.

When it comes to hardcore, I don’t need nothing fancy or groundbreaking. I need it to be raw with healthy dose of aggression. That’s what got me into this in the first place. That’s why I appreciate records like this one that sounds fresh but I don't have to devote too many brain cells to understand what’s going on.I highly recommend to check this short but sweet record.

Strength Records, 2016

Download: Penitentiary - Demo 2016

Hard-hitting hardcore from Indiana with members of Blood In Blood Out, Choking on Reality, Blackwater, and Shut the Fuck Up.

We'll be printing cds and tapes of the demo within the next month. Filled With Hate records will also have copies to purchase as well in the near future.


New music: Hatebreed - A.D.

This new track is a welcome return to Brutality-era shit which might convince me to check out the new album. A.D. ticks every box in terms what I need from a decent Hatebreed track, but just in case I am not setting my expectations too high. Let's wait and see.

New music: Naysayer - Make No Mistake

New Naysayer track from the upcoming Nation Of Greed ep:


Review: Bun Dem Out - The Few The Deep

Finally I got my filthy hands on this gem. The album that was impossible to get by means other than break and enter is available for purchase legal way. The first print disappeared from the market which was fucked up. I think I’m not the only one feeling this cause dudes at Rucktion reissued this gem last year.

Musically, what can I say? Bun Dem Out is comfortably fitting in somewhere in my all-time top heavy hardcore from Europe. The music is tense and pretty uncompromising coming across like a combination of Knuckledust, Shattered Realm and Slayer. The band ape tight riffs and decent groove while Pelbu attacks his verses with brash and ignorant flow. This album never stays still and the way they put the songs together is creative but not overbearing. The style ranges from stripped down hardcore to death core, and there’s a little bit of other crazy influence that creep their way in there too. The highlights are Peruchos Tale and What? No Blaze. Weird but brutal stuff.

I hope this re-issue is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the next full length album in concerned.

Rucktion 2015