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Interview: Big Cheese (UK)

Big Cheese rep UK and sound like Breakdown and Warzone put together. Their Aggravated Mopery ep from last year is a definite must listen because of how killer it is. This is your soundtrack if you want to go out and do stupid shit.

Give us some background on the band. How did Big Cheese come about?
Maegan our guitarist had just moved in with me at the time. She had some songs written and showed them to me and asked if I’d sing on them. After we adapted them and wrote them into full songs we took them to a practice room and asked Louis (guitar) and Alex (drums) who also play in Higher Power to join as I knew it’d be right up their street. From then we recorded the Sports Day demo with an old chap at a spot in Leeds for 40 quid or so. I played bass in the band initially and on this recording. When it came to playing live, we eventually got Anth in on bass.

I’ve been listening to Aggravated Mopery and this record is straight up true blue hardcore they way it should be done. Let us know your feelings now when this staff he’s been out there for some time now?
Thanks for the kind words mate. I have a hard time listening back to anything I’ve played on as I pick holes in it and wish I’d done something different. I’m sure the others would agree. In this case, I think we’re all proud of Aggravated Mopery and feel like we’ve done a good thing. People seem to be digging it and that’s all I could ever ask for!

Review: Crowned Kings - Sea of Misery

If you were raised on a heavy dose of Hatebreed and jam Lionheart on a daily, this record is for you. The cover, the band's name, the track titles like Grind My Teeth or Reign Supreme should give you idea what’s it all about. Definitely they were aiming for that Lionheart, Terror or recent Madball sound. Heavy on chugga-chugga but light on finesse, and with an ugly ass cover art. Technically, everything from guitars to rhythm section is solid, but also very calculated and they don't go too crazy with their sound. The production is thick and heavy, making it a case of recording budget well spent.

Lyrically Seas Of Misery is a mix of depression, pain and anger, but also strength and perseverance. Again, think Hatebreed and Lionheart put together. I don't know how much of it is their real life experiences and how much is making shit up cause you gotta have lyrics. On tracks like Reign Supreme or Dominate & Control they make no secret what they can do to people crossing them. Everyone having problems with, you know, being a stand up dude can listen to this shit and learn to straighten the fuck up and handle their business like a man should. And all the girls who want to bad ass can also get a lot from this album.

Demons Run Amok, 2018

Demo Daze: Last Wishes - Promo 2018

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Grab yo' army suits and your fat black boots. Military gear and go out like troops

Ireland's premium hardcore deliver the goods again. Two new tracks plus Madball's Lockdown cover. Those of you who've been in jail should appreciate. Ruthless and rageful hardcore with lyrics that deal with that side of life that's dark, shitty, and negative. Compared to their previous outputs they really stepped up this time. I predict great things for this band if they keep on delivering quality like this. Belfast is no joke!


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How can you be so fucking heartless?

1996, H8000, Goodlife, future members of Deformity and Shortsight

Nerve Control / Remain In Vain split 7"

It's been out for a while but in case you missed it: Nerve Control / Remain in Vain split 7" out on Safe Inside Records, came out last year but it's just now I that I learn about it. 3 tracks from each band, all of them based on hardcore essentials and doing great job channeling that 80' raw sound. You can get your copy here. Recommended!

And while you're there check out other sweet releases by the label: Dying For It, Clear Focus, Despair discography and others.

Video: Spine - Warm Now Cold

Official video for Spine "Warm Now Cold" from the upcoming album "Faith", coming out on 6/15/18 on Bridge Nine Records. Video by Adam DeGross.

Check out band's previous work at their bandcamp.

Review: Balance - Demo

The latest release on Demons Run Amok is UK's Balance. I don't know if I got the press release right but this is marketed as UK's response to Turnstile. I couldn't tell, I don't listen to Turnstile. To me this sounds like a classic hardcore punk except it's more complex than average. Not too complex though. The band starts with that classic sound as a base but messes with it a bit and somehow makes it work.

The guitar work is nice with some weird stuff thrown in and melodies I can vibe to even though I'm too proud to admit it. I like that the more open minded stuff is never out in the front but rather smoothly mixed with the rest of the music. Not every band can play it straight but still keep it that varied. And what's best, they do melody but there's also a lot of chugging grooves in here. And yeah, they try to sneak in some alternative rock influences from time to time but it's well hidden and don't bother me that much.

After a short intro no one really asked for the first track hits it hard and there couldn't be a better start. The band even gets melodic on this one but it doesn't offend my manliness at all so I can hang with it for the most part. I dig the next track as well. Made For Living is short and in your face and they play it like they mean it. The next track is called Spill and is also solid. At that time I am pretty ok with all the nasty things they do to their guitars only because the music is still sharp enough to avoid the corny basket. The forth track is Out Of My Head and it's tolerable. Only the last track, Outro, doesn't do it for me, the lo-fi guitar thing sounds too soft for my liking.

While this demo is not the type of hardcore I fuck with on daily basis, it's still a good ride. I was expecting the worst but it's not that bad.

Demons Run Amok, 2018

Demo Daze: Pain Principle - Accept The Pain Demo

This is metallic hardcore done right. I can hear Stout, Merauder and of course the almighty Neglect in these tracks. It sounds ruthless but there's more to this Polish band than just mindless violence and mayhem. The lyrics just click with my battered soul. Wake up in a cold sweat / Can't sleep. Can't breath / Regret sits heavy on my chest / Broken dreams, memories and sorrow. Some of the truest shit right here!


New release: World Of Pain - No Utopia

Friday BDHW will launch the long awaited pre order for World Of Pain’s latest record „No Utopia“. Strictly limited Vinyl is waiting for you, CD and new Merch. Also WORLD OF PAIN going to drop a Music Video for „Apocalypse Now“ on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled!

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