Ready to die

I realize most of the activity on this blog recently has been just posting new music, but what can I do when great stuff keeps on popping up almost every day? This time it's Last Dayz, one of my favorite bands at the moment who unfortunately announced they will be calling it quits later this year. But before that sad day comes, there's gonna be a farewell 7" ep and you can listen to 2 tracks off this one below. Throw ya gunz in the air!


The Pain Of Rebirth by Warbrain

Warbrain reps Australia which seems to have a dope scene right now, I could name couple bands from over there that are totally killing it. Band's previous album Void of Confusion was definitely solid, so when I heard these dudes are putting out new music I was more than stoked. The Pain Of Rebirth 7" is already out via Washed Up Records from Melbourne, Australia and my hardcore spider sense was right, every song on it is a banger. Play it loud, let your neighbors mosh to this shit as well!

FFO: Bitter End, Desperate Times, Naysayer, Bleak Reality, Last Dayz


Survival drops ' Forged In Iron' ep

New Survival ep is streaming on their bandcamp! Vinyl version to drop via New Instinct Records and Powered Records.

A working class kid
Parents did the best they could
Teachers didn’t get paid enough to give a fuck
Blamed his mistakes, on something else
Youth passed him by, left by himself
24 years with fuck all to show for it
Never listened to anyone, didn’t have the time for it
He always knew best, it’s the only thing he did
Trapped inside the man is the same ignorant kid
Time for change
Born with backs to the wall
Expected to waste this life
Strength above all
Won’t go down without a fight

New Blood: Väistä

Vaista is a new band from Turku (Finland) with some of the members from now unfortunately defunct Alley Gods. I was big fan of that band, but Vaista is very cool as well. They still keep it 100% core, it's fast and in your face stuff that begs for circle pits and stage dives. On top of that, they sing in Finnish which is also pretty dope cause how many bands you know which do that?

New track by Mizery

New song by Mizery from the upcoming 7" on Lion's Share Records. The band cought my attention when they dropped Survive The Vibe Promo early this year, and now they're working on a follow up. This new track sounds very promising and I have a strong feeling the ep gonna be a banger. Stay tuned for more info!

Also, don't miss their ' Injustice 4 All' track on the upcoming The Extermination vol.2 compilation along Backtrack, Power Trip, Cruel Hand and more.


Power Play live video

MAYAK FEST 19/07/14
Odessa, UA

Ashkenazi - Nature of The Beast

I don't know much about this band except it features members of Hounds Of Hate. While I think HOH is solid, I gotta say Ashkenazi is more down my lane. Nature of The Beast is 4 tracks of classic hardcore with a slick Maximum Penalty/Underdog vibe and cool vocals. The harder part remind me even of some of the early Cro-Mags stuff, or 80' NYHC in general. This one dropped some time ago, but it's so good that I will share it for those who just like me have been living under a rock. Play it loud!

you beg on your knees
but I can’t release
it’s the nature of the beast

you beg and you plead
but I can’t coincide
It’s your sorrow on which I feast


The Harder They Fall

When bands like Steel Nation drop new music you know you gotta leave whatever you're doing and listen to this shit. The Harder They Fall, the title song from the upcoming record, is up on band's Stereokiller. I don't know how to embed this shit so you just have to click this link:

Review: Reality Returns - Reality Returns 7"

Reality Returns - Reality Returns (Take It Back Records) - Reality Returns was formed by dudes from Teamkiller and Coldburn who wanted to play more traditional, in your face brand of hardcore. Don’t expect the band to break new grounds on this record, but they do a good job of recreating the sound of classic Merauder, Madball or Killing Time tunes.

The group comes correct with their fresh yet aggressive style and the short ep overflows with that distinct style of 90’s heavy hardcore. The record kicks off with a groove-ridden intro with the whole crew shouting Reality Returns on repeat, classy! What follows next is 3 tracks of fast, hard-hitting hardcore that have been done many times before, but who cares when it sounds so good! They throw in some heavier parts at times too, but it never goes too much into metal direction which is always cool in my book. Check out this well crafted and catchy.ep whenever you have a chance.

Born Low's Refuse To Beg/Hunger Within combined on CD

Ratel Records will be releasing a collection of two Born Low's eps on a single CD - Refuse To Beg and The Hunger Within. It's 12 tracks in total. If you're familiar with this band already you know this probably one of the hardest that NY hardcore got to offer right now. No jokes! If you're not familiar, you really need to cop this album to truly get how dope it is.