Review: M.O.R.A. - Halveksunna Aika

A DIY release that looks better than most of the stuff that is put on proper hardcore labels nowadays. The inlay is nicely put together full of live and crew pics, 25 ta Life style. This is type of shit I want to see more of. This is the second record I got for review from this band. If you have missed their debut CD, MORA plays heavier sounding old school hardcore with double female vocals. First thing I noticed is the production on this one is way better than before, every instrument is crisp but heavy. Musically, this is the shit. Every track is tight and powerful, I totally dig how they make them sound aggressive while keeping all type of stuff going on. Most of the time the music if fast, but there are some cool breakdowns and mid-tempo parts giving it more depth and just keeping the album more interesting. Take TyhJan Paalla for example, with it’s heavy groove, or straight up metallic Ajan Henki. Awesome! What is not so cool are the vocals. I got nothing against ladies fronting hardcore bands, but in this case they just are not up to standard set by the music. To me, they lack any sort of urgency or abrasiveness and because it’s hardcore I like to hear someone who’s seriously pissed. Nothing I can't get past, but still could be better. Props for singing in Finnish though.
Before I wrap up, I gotta give respect to the band for keeping it going on their own, without label backing, full DIY. This type of attitude deserves respect.
DIY, 2015

Heavy Runner - Demo 2015

Not much been happening on the blog lately, mostly due to me being lazy and having better things to do. I guess I needed something special to break the silence and it came in a form of this slick demo by Poland's Heavy Runner. The band took their name from Stout song which means these dudes are for real. Heavy, punishing and rough hardcore with tons of mid-tempo action. These tracks show potential and I am definitely looking forward to hear more from them.


Into The Void

One of the grimest hardcore bands this side of Europe goes ballistic with a new track that straight up crushes. I pity the fool that don't give it a listen. The sick, heavy intro sets the mood, and when the proper tune kicks in it's all out war. I mean it, that's how good it is. It moves in, hits you hard, and leaves you wanting more. I like how it sounds fresh, but also brings all the elements I like about classics like Integrity, All Out War or Ringworm.

I don't know any details about the new record but I sense it's going to rip. I praised their debut ep (review), but this new one is shaping to be even harder and meaner.

it's no time for peace
it's no time for love
release the power
it's time to bring war

Video: Terror - Trust No Face

This is new one from Terror, from the new album. Pretty dope live video, cool track, let's hope the new album delivers few more bangers like this one.

Sorry for lack of updates lately, recent days have been a struggle with all the usual bullshit of life.

Creepout Interview

From Tokyo, Japan, Creepout is a long standing band that's all about maniacal, ignorant, brutal hardcore. They've been going for years now and after a slew of hard-hitting releases I think they've reached a cult status in their country. Despite that it ain't easy to find more in depth info about the band, so I thought it would be a good idea to catch up with their singer Kunihide to talk about band's past and future.

You’re probably one of the key bands to ever emerge from Japan in 2000s and I think everyone into hardcore heard about Creepout at one point. However, it’s hard to find any background info about the band. Can you give me a bit of a history?
Formed in 2002 with some my boys who played for previous band i sung,just started as some old school hardcore band.Ofcourse as you imagine,we got huge influence from Cleveland hardcore so we wanted to have some essence of it on our music but couldn't do well then.We got a few important things/moments ever,one is to play/meet with Integrity in japan 2004,and did a split with Crowd Deterrent in 2007. and after split with CD,we got a chances to play in the U.S., A lot of things has changed and went great.We wouldn't spread our name to outside of japan mainly,that was natural.Butso many bands/guys know our name and gave me cool reaction,that's so great.

At the beginning, what type of music did you want to make?
Oh yes Cleveland hardcore like OLC/PB2000 and some B4B tastes.

Download: Eyes Of Societ - Demo 2015

Not much is known about Eyes Of Society. A new band from Ohio, with members of Crowd Deterrent, but I have no clue know who exactly cause they are playing under nicknames like Assault, Dusty or Gorefather. All I know is that Samoan Rob is doing guest vocals on the Eyes Of Society track: 'Day after day there is no escape from their gaze, Staring into your soul THEY SEE ALL, Fighting to survive they see your struggle and your pain, you try to hide but they still see... WATCHING, JUDGING... EYES OF SOCIETY.' Pretty straight up antisocial stuff lyrically that gets my stamp of approval on the spot. As far as the music goes, it's a rough mix of hardcore and old school metal, which kind of reminds me of Darkside NYC or Neglect.


Full stream: Hardside - The Madness

Timebomb track was a blast, but now when the entire album is up on bandcamp and all I can say is the The Madness provides real shit. Listen to the title track or Till My Blood Runs Dry and tell me that shit doesn’t knock. The riffing is better than usual and the drums are heavy and technical, delivering sheer force without losing precision. The album devotes a fair amount of time to more creative angle, somehow it never disrupts the flow of what is the essence of hardcore, which is creating music that gives your girlfriend a mental breakdown. The lyrics are bleak and negative, dealing with hardships and depression. If your live is filled with that type of shit you can easily relate. I do.

A week from now, July 30, this gem will hit the streets. To secure your copy you can place your pre-order here.


Review: Ultima Victima - Muertes Sin Razon

I guess Ultima Victima is one of the top bands to come from Mexico lately. The album is a blast of uptempo, dynamic hardcore that’s both knee deep in tradition with a heavier twist, taking a lot from classics like Sick Of It All (Screath the Surface era), Madball or Terror.. You can easily spot their influences from jump. It doesn't contain anything new, but they’re pretty good at that style. The music is laced with tight riffs and solid drum work. There are moments when they lose their shit, but also times when everything is tight. The production is really heavy, it’s like they were aiming for Hatebreed type of sound.
Although the band does have highlights on Muertes Sin Razon, the downside are the vocals. Sorry, I just can get to dig them. Dude does his best, but it’s just the vocals style I hate. His flow isn’t too aggressive and the tone of his voice gets on my nerves almost as much as this dude from First Blood. But once you get past that, the music is alright, I can’t take that away from them. The lyrics are in spanish, which is a plus, and what I can deduct they carry a lot of anger and pride. All in all, Muertes Sin Razon is not without flawis, but it’s not horrible.

Panda Claw,

Video: Relentless - Blue Rage

Police brutality is obviously a global problem, and as reported in this track by Relentless, in Australia pigs are as same as anywhere else - annoying, dumb and eager to hand you a solid beatdown for no serious reason.

Relentless will drop new LP 'Price Of Pain' on September 18th via Resist Records.

Demo Daze: Outlaw - Demo

This shit sounds raw even for a demo standards. I imagine some spoiled pussies might give it a pass, but every real dude looking for some new hard-hitting hardcore will surely appreciate the music and attitude that Outlaw delivers. The band is from Slovakia but the music sounds American as fuck. There’s no polish to these tracks, but the band shows potential and with few tweaks they will be able do that grimey hardcore with the best of them. The vocals sound like the dude is ready to deliver some serious ass kicking to just anyone in his way. Good look for Slovakia to have some new blood in hardcore, it's been a while since I've heard a quality hardcore from that country.