New Blood: Kingpin (UK)

New blood from Glasgow, Scotland with influences from hardcore and crossover sound like Cro-Mags, Leeway, Merauder or Hatebreed.

To those not familiar with Kingpin, give us a rundown on the band.
Kingpin is currently a 5-piece Glasgow HardCore band drawing influences from thrash, hardcore and metal. Long story short, we are all about dem riffz. We self-released a cassette tape demo in 2013, a 7" vinyl titled "They Serve Themselves" via Germany's Demons Run Amok label in 2014, and just recently self-released a 4-track digital EP titled "TRUTH". We've toured up and down the UK and over in Ireland several times and played with so many of our favourite bigger touring bands like Sick Of It All, Iron Reagan, M.O.D., Negative Approach, Toxic Holocaust, Bane, Twitching Tongues, Exhumed, Code Orange and more and we fucking love every minute of the cool opportunities we've been blessed with as a band.

Who are your strongest musical influences and why?
We're named after the Leeway song "Kingpin". I sure as hell don't sing like Eddie Sutton - I wish I could! - but I think it's fair to say the Leeway mix of fast thrashy bits and hard breakdowns is pretty much the template we work from. In terms of more recent bands we like, soon after Kingpin formed we all went to see Power Trip supporting Bane and we all agreed that Power Trip were doing what we wished we could do, haha. We really chuck a lot of the classic thrash, metal and NYHC influences into our sound... Sepultura, SIck Of It All, SOD, Suicidal Tendencies, Merauder, Crowbar, yada yada yada. Every band says this, but we really just try to make the kind of music we'd like to listen to.

Video: Knuckledust - Life Struggle

This video has a deep existential element to it which you might find interesting if you struggle with your inner demons. For those not interested in soul searching there are also some cool special effects when this dude is fighting his doppelganger and it's made so well you actually believe it. Top notch stuff. The track is banging, but this is Knuckledust so it should go without saying. Check out new album, Reclaiming The Crown (which is by the way the second GSR release by that title).

Human Animal update

New track and discography tape:

The track is coming out this Jan/Feb on a limited edition 10 song discography cassette titled “The First Four Winters” on Bound By Modern Age Records from Germany and will feature our debut EP, both of our split 7”s, and this new track all remastered and an all new layout.

Human Animal
Bound By Modern Age

Review: Diction - The Poor And The Hopeless

Brand new album from LBU staple Diction and it’s everything I expected it to be. This is the kind of hardcore that most arrogant individuals could only pull-off. As raw as it gets and there’s absolutely no polishing to these tracks, but this is what I dig the most about it. Hardcore supposed to be like that, that’s what got me hooked up on this art in the first place.

Rucktion bands tend to split people in half, but whether you in or you’re out, they’re out there doing their thing and a lot of people are loving their music. If you got into hardcore last year cause your girlfriend showed you Turnstile video this record might seem too rough, but for the seasoned hardcore enthusiast there’s a lot to love here. The Poor and… brings that rare combination of aggression, arrogance and aggravation you might recall from Final Beatdown, Self Inflicted or just any Back Ta Basics release..

Not only on the musical level, the lyrics get the job done as well. The subject matters revolves around the observation that the adult life is just tragedy after tragedy. There’s not hope things gonna get better during our lifetime and it’s gonna be even harder for our children. These are thoughts I struggle with more often nowadays and I feel it sometimes that connects me with the lyrical content of this record.

The only downsize I can find is the packaging. How such a solid band can have such shitty album covers? From the depths had some ugly fish on front, and this one has some lady’s face or sculpture of the face all black and white and bullshit. What next? They should fire the guy who did it.

Rucktion, 2015

Video: World Be Free - Shake the Ghost

Credit list for this release goes like that: Scott Vogel (Terror/Buried Alive), Joe Garlipp (Despair), Andrew Kline (Strife) and Sammy Siegler (Judge/CIV/Rival Schools) and Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits). These dudes guarantee many different hardcore flavors are represented, but all in all it's all about that stripped down old tyme sound. Get more info here.

New Manipulate

New EP by Manipulate is called 'Becoming Madness' and will be available early 2016 on Flatspot Records. The label is streaming one song off that album and it's awesome as shit. That is some cold blooded hardcore!


New blood: Rhythm Of Fear

Stomping crossover from Florida for fans of classic sound along the lines of Born to Expire, Ride The Lighting, Victim in Pain or Life of Dreams. Their Mass Illusion EP is a feast for both hardcore kids and metal dudes I cannot pinpoint anything that is wrong with it, an essential listening if you're want to give new band a chance. Head to their bandcamp if you don't take my word for it, and let the band do the talking now...

Give us an introduction of Rhythm Of Fear. What was happening with the band between 2011 Demo and Mass Illusion?
The Mass Illusion EP is actually 4 songs from our full length record entitled "Maze Of Confusion", which should be released sometime in early 2016. We started recording the full length record in mid 2014 with our good friend Bob Presson who has played in many bands such as: Kids Like Us, Boys No Good and is now a tattoo artist at Shrunken Head Tattoo in Jacksonville, FL. While the tracks where still in the process of mixing and mastering, we we're approached by a guy by the name of John Howard who really wanted to record a Thrash Metal band. So we decided to just start over with John. After mastering the first 4 tracks, we released them as Mass Illusion EP in January 2015. Our demo was recorded by Bob Presson and after it's release we decided to take our time and write as much material we can and pass out as many demos at other shows we weren't playing and try to promote the band around Florida. This is why we had such a long gap between releases.

How do you feel musically you’ve progressed over the course of these two releases?
We have all progressed tremendously since we started in 2010. Looking back at our shows in early 2011-2013 we we're a little sloppy on stage. We didn't rehearse as much as we should have before shows. Now we practice several times a week and are constantly correcting each other to make sure we make fewer mistakes as possible. Also our musical influences have molded us to be a better band I feel. Always pushing ourselves to strive to be more "professional".

New Risk It! track: 'Balance of power'

We might be witnessing the next European hardcore powerhouse blowing up right before our eyes. Risk It! just posted new track taken from their upcoming record 'Cross To Bear'. What can I say, that's the type of hardcore we are fighting for. Hard, aggressive and in your face. It’s much in the same vein as band's earlier efforts and still conveys a sense of urgency and anger.

Pretty soon 'Cross To Bear' gonna be available on lp or cd via Farewell Recs. Place your pre-orders here.


Stream: Dead Shall Rise - The Gazan Mardu [ep]

Dead Shall Rise is:

Aaron Melnick
(Integrity, Cider ,In Cold Blood)
Lenny Melnick (Integrity, Inmates, In Cold Blood)
Blaze Tishko (One Life Crew, Integrity, In Cold Blood)
Rob Orr (Integrity)

Do I need to say more? The Gazan Mardu sounds like an orgy between Clevo hardcore, stoner rock and Neurosis. In terms of song writing and complexity this is definitely move into more creative direction and shows these dudes blending styles outside of generic hardcore and metal. There's also a lot of raw energy that connects to the classic Integrity and In Cold Blood records. Yeah, there are lot of slower, fucked up metallic passages but the more aggressive parts let you know where these dudes are coming from.

I don't recall ever being let down by anything that Melnick brothers did and this ep just proves that those twisted, genius minds are on the Mozart level. The more I listen to it, the more I dig it.

Mastiff Interview

Mastiff hails from California and soon will be dropping new record via Knives Out records. To my knowledge the music is already recorded, but the ep is still in the process of putting it all together. This interview was done couple months ago so some info might be outdated, but it's a good start to get to know this band.

Can you introduce the band and tell us where you are from?
mastiff is from the east bay area (we touch the water)

When was the starting point for Mastiff?
the starting point for mastiff was the winter of 2012 in the heart of east oakland.

You got shitoad of releases posted on your bandcamp. Gimme us some overview, which stuff is the best and which kids should pass?
honestly the hardest part with mastiff is we feel that alot of kids cant really relate to some of the songs we write, we wouldnt really tell anyone to pass on anything we make just for the fact at one point of time we thought it was something important to write about..mastiff is more of a groove that some people hate or feel.