Video: Spine - Warm Now Cold

Official video for Spine "Warm Now Cold" from the upcoming album "Faith", coming out on 6/15/18 on Bridge Nine Records. Video by Adam DeGross.

Check out band's previous work at their bandcamp.

Review: Balance - Demo

The latest release on Demons Run Amok is UK's Balance. I don't know if I got the press release right but this is marketed as UK's response to Turnstile. I couldn't tell, I don't listen to Turnstile. To me this sounds like a classic hardcore punk except it's more complex than average. Not too complex though. The band starts with that classic sound as a base but messes with it a bit and somehow makes it work.

The guitar work is nice with some weird stuff thrown in and melodies I can vibe to even though I'm too proud to admit it. I like that the more open minded stuff is never out in the front but rather smoothly mixed with the rest of the music. Not every band can play it straight but still keep it that varied. And what's best, they do melody but there's also a lot of chugging grooves in here. And yeah, they try to sneak in some alternative rock influences from time to time but it's well hidden and don't bother me that much.

After a short intro no one really asked for the first track hits it hard and there couldn't be a better start. The band even gets melodic on this one but it doesn't offend my manliness at all so I can hang with it for the most part. I dig the next track as well. Made For Living is short and in your face and they play it like they mean it. The next track is called Spill and is also solid. At that time I am pretty ok with all the nasty things they do to their guitars only because the music is still sharp enough to avoid the corny basket. The forth track is Out Of My Head and it's tolerable. Only the last track, Outro, doesn't do it for me, the lo-fi guitar thing sounds too soft for my liking.

While this demo is not the type of hardcore I fuck with on daily basis, it's still a good ride. I was expecting the worst but it's not that bad.

Demons Run Amok, 2018

Demo Daze: Pain Principle - Accept The Pain Demo

This is metallic hardcore done right. I can hear Stout, Merauder and of course the almighty Neglect in these tracks. It sounds ruthless but there's more to this Polish band than just mindless violence and mayhem. The lyrics just click with my battered soul. Wake up in a cold sweat / Can't sleep. Can't breath / Regret sits heavy on my chest / Broken dreams, memories and sorrow. Some of the truest shit right here!


New release: World Of Pain - No Utopia

Friday BDHW will launch the long awaited pre order for World Of Pain’s latest record „No Utopia“. Strictly limited Vinyl is waiting for you, CD and new Merch. Also WORLD OF PAIN going to drop a Music Video for „Apocalypse Now“ on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled!

BDHW Records

Interview: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is heavy and ungodly hardcore from Belgium started by local scene veterans. Mixing grim observations of modern world with some unrelenting rage, their latest Hangman ep is a definite winner. I predict big things for them, because that ep is right on the money. If you sleep on this band you're a total idiot.

You guys have been in amazing bands before, what is it about Chain Reaction that keeps you excited to still do hardcore? What was it that made you all get together and give this band a go?
The rest of the band (Murph, Sim & Clovis) started jamming and writing songs before I came into the picture. They've all been friends since the 90's and have been doing bands together on and off during those years. So obviously what got us started was a deep-rooted friendship and a love for hardcore. It's the kind of thing that becomes part of your DNA and hard to let go. As they couldn't really find a singer, the option of me joining the band came up when I was hanging with Murph one night, listening to the songs they'd recorded. I loved what I heard and felt like I should give it a shot. I didn't really count on doing bands anymore but fuck it.

I guess a lot of people will expect CR to sound like Rise And Fall, cause that band was huge in it’s time and kids were waiting for that last record that never came. Is there any pressure because of that?
Not sure what people expect, if they expect anything at all. Either way, Chain Reaction definitely is a very different band in terms of sound, dynamics and aesthetics. Obviously, my vocals will sound somewhat familiar but that's pretty much as far as it goes. Pressure isn't an issue really, it feels dope doing a new band and starting from scratch. Plus I've been wanting to do a band with a heavy NYHC influence for the longest time, so I'm stoked to be able to do this. Honestly, pressure is a much bigger deal when you're in a long-running band like Rise And Fall. You always want to outdo what you did before, you worry about whether or not people are still going to like do the band, if enough people will show up for your headlining tours etc.

Download: 25 Ta Life - Hunting Season 2017

If you don't know, 25 Ta Life was brought back to life by the dudes responsible for the band's early sound (up to Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment) with Stikman (Fury Of V) on vocals. I can't blame them for keeping the name, Rick did everything in his power to shit on 25 legacy so it's only right they want to take it back. On top of playing old material live we get new music as well. It's 3 tracks released to Internets just yesterday:

Hunting Season - the music sounds sick and Sitkman still got that fire in the vocals

From Start to Finish - I fuck with this cut, it got that aggressive NJHC vibe and an excellent take by Stikman

All Heart - top of the food chain!

All in all this one is at least as good as anything you heard on band's early albums. Old pros showing everyone how it's fucking done. Download it below and find out for yourself.


Review: Climate Of Fear - Holy Terror

Debut album from UK's Climate Of Fear. The name of the band sounds familiar and to be honest I was hoping this one to be along the vibe of early Bitter End albums. Can you blame me? Turns out that was misleading cause the band's focus is more on heavier mid-tempo stuff than pure aggressive and reckless hardcore goodness. The two opening tracks are whatever but it gets better in the second half of this short album. Holy Terror is solid as hell, while Entombed sounds fucking great and is a definite stand out. The dramatic intensity of this latter track goes from menacing mid-tempo vibe to slick faster part and this combination is musical equivalent of timebomb.

You can hear they were aiming high when it comes to technicality and complexity in the music, doing what they could with the skills they have to make these tracks engaging and complex. This leads me to question some of their stylistic choices. There are just too many slower parts and 99% of them don't do nothing for me. I could have done without all those basic ass breakdowns they felt they need to do every 30 seconds of each track. That way otherwise brilliant songs, like already mentioned Entombed, don't flow like they should. I guess it's their weird way to show they can play but no one ever asked for that shit.

The production is crisp and clean, it's not bad but I miss the dirt and grime and reverb. Hardcore does not need to be overly produced.

All in all, despite me bitching about some stuff, it's still a solid record. Next time they just need to drop their ego and get rid of that metal wankery and stick to that more straight forward stuff.

Demons Run Amok

New Blood: Combust!

Who runs NYC?

Make sure you check out Demo 7" out on Straight & Alert!

All answers by Andrew

Congrats on the upcoming 7” ep. But before we get to that, tell me more about Combust. How it all began? How long has the band been around?
Thank you man! Combust began because I (Andrew) and the drummer Dave just always had this desire to play in a straight up NYHC band. Something that was in the vain of our favorite bands we grew up on. The band has been around since the beginning of August just about.

When starting the band, did you had any idea how you wanted it to sound or what type of lyrics to write, or did it just came naturally?
Yea, like I said before I literally came to our drummer Dave with the exact idea of just wanting to be a straight up New York hardcore band. This has been an idea in my brain for years but I’ve always been in different bands so I’m glad it finally came to life. I’m really proud of the demo and the way it sounds. As for the lyrics, that’s just something that comes more naturally I guess.

Video: Negative Self - Underneath The Wave

I got pirate mp3s of their older songs and they were all pro so I'm not surprised I dig this track here. To say this band sounds familiar would be huge understatement. It doesn't take mad brain skills to figure out where they take their style from. This track is Venice Beach at its prime! Grab that shit before Suicidal's lawyers get on it for style theft. The VHS styled video looks good and fits the music. Good stuff!

Looking forward to new record on BDHW Recs.

2017: Best of the worst


No doubt 2017 was a turmoil on a global scale. People went mental with politics and religion and just having a twisted outlook on how the world should look like. I’ve always been cool with different views than mine even if I don't agree with them, but it seems most people are going bat-shit crazy right now. Right wing, left wing, whatever. They just lost it. Total nuts. The common sense and reason is in retreat. And because the rich get richer and the rest of us stay poor, the problems will only increase and for sure more dumb shit is to come. With all that tension building up there's bound to be release and I know where it's all heading. Conflict is what I predict. World war III. Thinking about all the drama in Middle East, Russia war on Ukraine, terrorism, fucked up politics in Europe and US and Asia - shit is falling apart at high speed. My advice to you, stock up on some serious amounts of canned food and big ass guns and wait for shit to hit the fan. It's only matter of time. Trust me, I'm from eastern Europe so I should know. And like always we'll be the ones to get the ass whooping. Big time.

So yeah, thinking about world peace is giving me headaches, but don’t even get me started on the personal stuff. I've been busy with a lot of shit and all that kept me from updating this blog as often as I could. Hopefully 2019 will be better in that regard. Who the fuck knows?

Freedom of my life, why make it a mess?
Give me a job, I've got to survive
Discriminate me, why can't you help?
Everybody thinks I'm a scum

On the positive note, the more fucked up the world gets, the harder hardcore gets. It’s been always like that. So enough of getting soft, here's the best hardcore of 2017. (I know it's already February but fuck being on time).


Freedom - Never Had A Choice
I got no time to overthink stuff so I need my hardcore to be swift and straightforward, no bullshitting. Life is complicated so hardcore shouldn't. I also love it when bands sound like they're here on purpose and don't take shit from no one. That's why this stuff right here is the best record that came out last year, and possible one of the best in recent years. This is 100% hardcore based on the same mentality that made Breakdown, Negative Approach or 4 Skins. Life in Detroit is not a joke and that record perfectly reflects that.

Unified Right - If I Can't Listen to UNIFIED RIGHT in Heaven Then Send Me Straight to Hell
Fuck yeah, this year was a year of straight up hardcore and this is another record that will go down in history as the finest example of how this shit was meant to be. The founding fathers of hardcore didn't care about nuisance, and nor Unified Right do. This is raw and aggressive but with the right amount of groove and even short periods of melody. In a times when many records are either overproduced or sound like total shit, this one strikes a good balance between grit and being listenable.

Clearview - Absolute Madness
My boys from Brazil dropped this gem at the middle of the year and though I knew it's gonna be good, I didn't expect that level of good. The lyrics, the music, the vibe are all that I want in hardore and more. If you don’t like this record I don’t even want to talk to you.

Templars - Deus Vult
I am not the biggest Templars fan but I dig couple of older tracks from various past records and was curious when I heard they're making a come back. Turned out this is one of the highlights of last year. Battle scarred oi! sound with classic skinhead rock leanings that's rough where it needs to and melodic when it's time for it. Favorite tracks: Take A Stand, Middle Road and Forgotten Souls. Classic shit. I love oi! and this is supposed to be one of the best that US ever had to offer so I might give their past material more spins to find out what I'm missing out.

Crowd Deterrent - Welcome To Youngstown - ep
Too bad this material is is only available in digital form so far, I would definitely cop a cd or vinyl. What can I say, Crowd Deterrent do what they do best. The band has a basic premise and they execute it to perfection: antisocial hardcore that gives no fucks. This was one of the rawest and grittiest records of last year. Call me immature but this band has the best lyrics in hardcore since Demonstrating My Style.

a place called nowhere's where we live our lives,
a total legacy of violence and crime ,
its the environment that molded our minds,
until im cold in the ground welcome to youngstown

Other records that don’t suck:
Cock Sparrer - Forever
No Warning - Torture Culture
Firm Standing Law - Unashamed
Forced Order - One Last Prayer
St Hood - He Age Of Unreason
Terror - The Walls Will Fall
Queensway - Swift Minds Of The Darkside
Life After Death - Friends Fade, Enemies Stay

So yeah, good year for hardcore and bad for anything else.