New music from Watch Your Back

The sound on this one is more gritty and raw compared to their previous ep, Last Man Standing. It sits well with the overall tone of these new tracks as it's obvious the band was aiming for more straight to the throat approach. The lyrics are sick, I especially dig Two Minutes Hate cause it sounds intense and really bad-ass: The thought-crimes are eating me alive / The inverted projection of my hate infecting my mind / The palpable waves of anger eroding my insides / To rewire my brain I’m running out of time / I wish that you were dead . There's even one song in Finnish, and the way this dude sings it I know it's not a fairy tale. Peep the entire ep below.


New Blood: Born Free

Born Free is new blood from Melbourne, Australia. The band is nice with their take on groove-laced hardcore with vocals that are definitely above average. Their recent ep called Evil Hands is definitely worth checking out, you'd be surprised how good it is.

Review: Raw Justice - Artificial Peace

Raw Justice - Artificial Peace (Straight & Alert) - The first track kicks in and once again RJ delivers a true headnodder! I fucking love Pagan Stomp, the perfect built up for the rest of the record. Useful Pride sounds sick, the track is catchy and well thought without losing any rawness. Vocals come through with brute force spitting honest, pissed of lyrics about real life topics. Mad At This World is probably my fav track here, fast part makes me want to break faces and the breakdown definitely delivers. "There's no turning point. I'm at war with the world. I'm mad at the world!!!" Another stand out is Loud and Proud which is the most punk rock track on the record. All in all, it’s really fast, dirty and straight forward hardcore and if you’re not into that style you might feel tired after a while , but for everyone into bands like SSD, Wrecking Crew or early Cro-Mags there's enough good stuff on the ep to keep you happy.

Assorted News

Too many bands and labels want my money:

That's fucking killer news: "Illusions of Dominance" lp by Bitter End is coming soon!

Another one of my favorite bands is Suburban Scum and they will be releasing new album called Ultimate Annihilation in 2015. The band never disappointed me and I expect nothing short than what the title says.

New Disgrace full length to drop in 2015 via Closed Casket Activities.

Australia's Crowned Kings will be releasing new album "Forked Road". The band traveled all the way to La to record that shit with Terror drummer Nick Jett.

Bun Dem Out's 'The Few The Deep' record has been repressed with new artwork by Rucktion records. You can cop it here. New music in the works as well.

You can listen to new Bottomfeeder album 'Betrayals' here.

Click here if you're interested in getting some old issues of In Effect zine.

Unbeaten Recs will drop a compilation with hardcore bands like All Out War, Stigmata, Born Low, King Nine and others doing covers of metal songs from past 30 years. It can be great but it can be also lame as fuck, we'll see.

Classic: As One - We gotta know-Intro

I am a sucker for everything KDS crew related. Actually, I am sucker for everything Stormcore related, but since they were repping their crew so hard I felt it's important to maintain a bigger picture. Anyway, As One was a side project with members of Stromcore and Slamface. This vid is supposedly from band's last gig in 1998. If you like it, check out this video as well for music.

Review: Thug X Life - Jungle Law

Thug X Life - Jungle Law (Refuse Records) - The record is four cuts of fast and pissed off hardcore with shouted, rough vocals and breakneck tempos. Despite band’s name there’s no gangsta posing on here, instead you get honest and rather positive lyrics with straight edge message and real life topics. The production is raw, but this is only good for this type of music. The band slows down from time to time and these breakdowns are always on point. Fans of old American hardcore should take notice. If you like when bands don’t waste time on bullshit but go right for the throat from the very first note, this shit is for you. Can’t say it’s something I am personally too crazy about, but I do like to play this record now and then. Jungle Law was put out by Refuse Records and they did great job with package and everything.

Two new Thought Crusade tracks

Thought Crusade outta Chicago, IL has plans to drop new album on Triple B Records. That label is becoming heavyweight in this game, the amount of good stuff they put out is incredible. The band itself is nice musically, and they seem to have the right kind of attitude:

All i want people to think, is that we are real. We are not pretending to write songs that pertain to our normal lives. We live this stuff. I am serious. We are not fucking around. This is real talk through and through. Sure we may have some fun, but that is outside, off the stage, and in our personal space. I don't care about going to Europe or Antarctica, or Asia. If we go then we go. If we don't then we don't. If you wanna see us play, come to Chicago.


The record should be out sometime in 2015, but two new songs are streaming already:


New Forced Order track

Forced Order comes through with new punishing track 'Retribution', a cut off of their upcoming 7" due out via Revelation Recs this winter. The song is really tight and has me anticipating the new 7" as well as full length album, which is set to be released in 2015. Peep the track below.


New Blood: Blind Beliefs (Belgium)

How did Blind Beliefs start? Were you in any other bands before this one?
It started with me and our old drummer jamming together back in 2011. We wanted to start a band and needed some members, so I asked some of my hometown friends if they wanted to join. As simple as that, not much later the band was formed. All of us played in some small local bands before, but nothing worth mentioning.

At the start of 2013 we found a new drummer, and from then on we kept the line-up as it is. The new drummer was in another local band before. But since they quit, we all start focusing on Blind Beliefs for 100%.

Looking For Solution

I already posted about the upcoming Desperate Times ep so everyone should be aware: 'Looking For Solution' is coming soon and is coming hard! The band posted already 3 tracks off the ep and each one of it is a killer. These new songs are simply catchy as fuck and loaded with tight riffs and well placed hooks. There's even more thrash metal feel to it compared to their previous shit, bit all in all it's still sheer no holds barred hardcore. Hope I'm not sounding too masturbatory, but really, don't sleep on this!