Download: Deflect - Haze Of Anger Demo

Deflect plays negative, metallic hardcore that rips off Clevo sound. All the tracks on this demo are hard-hitting, filled with enough bare-bones riffs, powerful grooves and hard-edged vocals. The lyrics are bleak and raw and deal with typical Clevo subject matter, but somehow it sounds genuine and far from cheap gimmick. Generally, this demo rips and I make it my mission to find out more about this band.


New Terror track

Terror seems to be dropping record after record in recent times, but every time new stuff from them pops up you know that shit gonna be hard.

The Solution, this track is Terror, no more no less. If you dig their newer albums, I can't image you're not into this track. The faster part is crazy, but the breakdown is off the roof. Scott is all over this shit as usual.

Turns out Victory wants to get back in hardcore game again, cause new Terror is gonna drop on that label. Can't say I'm surprised, hardcore seems to be once again the 'in' thing in alternative music scene and you can be sure everything about this move is well calculated. I respect the hustle though.

Bullshit aside... turn that motherfucker up!

My gut reaction: Hardside - Caged

You already know Hardside are dropping new album, 'The Madness', but now there's a chance to check out brand new tune from it. I gonna cut to the chase and say it's a fine work of hardcore. Musically, that's my shit. Caged is sharp and hits hard. It seems dudes in Hardside grew up during the era when bands like Merader or Hatebreed ruled the scene. Caged sounds like it could've come from one of those bands in their prime days. But this is band paying homage, not imitating. If the rest of the album lives up to this standard, the album gonna be dope.

Hardside joins BDHW

Hardside will release new full length "The Madness" via BDHW Rec. That's all we know for now, but more details should follow....

These Streets Interview

These Streets is a band from Cali that caught my attention when they dropped Life From The Gutter ep some time ago. That record was tight and I was hoping it wasn't gonna be their last word. Fast forward to 2015, the band is releasing Clockwise and it didn't let down. Hard-hitting, tough hardcore that combines all the good stuff I like in bands like Trapped Under Ice, Madball, Terror and so on. You get the picture. This is an inteview with band's vocalist, Cameron.

Maximum Penalty is touring Germany this summer

I was gonna say that Germany's economy makes it easy for them to snatch all the best tours, but on the other hand, you gotta admit there aren't many countries in Europe where you can have shows in 4 different cities and economically they all make perfect sense. Meaning, all the places gonna be packed. Good for them.

06.08. Torgau – Endless Summer (Germany)
07.08. Jaromer – Brutal Assault (Czech Republic)
09.08. Köln – Underground (Germany) + BIOHAZARD + LIONHEART
12.08. Lindau – Club Vaudeville (Germany)
13.08. Duisburg – Asta Keller (Germany)
14.08. Ieper – Ieper Festival (Belgium)

Review: Drag Me Under - Dead Dudes On Dead Horses

Not long ago I reviewed their split with Rat Path, and all of a sudden I get their full length to review. Actually, this lp came out a year before the split. Drag Me Under from Reno, NV and play mosh fueled hardcore that takes heavier hardcore and mixes it up with some rock influences and such. I guess I could do better with comparisons, but I’ve never been Every Time I Die fanboy. The album has its moments when they go for more straight forward approach, but when they start do some weird stuff I’m lost. Sometimes the music just drags on and these rockish moments add nothing of real note to the album. I guess I’m too simple for this stuff.

Panda Claw, 2013

New Video: Race Riot 59 - The Lost One

New track and video from Race Riot 59 which pays tribute to the friend they've lost.

Classic Shit: Kickback - Forever war

Paris, filthy Paris... I have no idea what's the story behind this clip, but some of the dance parts are fucking awkward. I can't even figure out if it's on purpose or not. I guess nowadays you can shot a better video with your phone, but back in the days it wasn't so easy Anyway, this is a classic tune in a true meaning of the world.

New Blood: Dead Weight (UK)

For the uninitiated, how did Dead Weight come about?
Dead Weight was formed in late 2010 when Sam Hames (Vocals) wanted to start a new St Albans Hardcore band as many new bands were coming out of the area at the time, after a few practices trailing various friends the band started playing shows in March 2011, the line up at this point consisted of Sam Hames (vocals), Sam Gale (guitar), Josh Khalid (guitar), Thomas Debaere (bass) and Wolfie Cloutman (drums). Josh Khalid and Wolfie Cloutman have since been replaced by Aidan Starr and James Mason respectively.

Victim Of Deceit dropped last year, how do you feel about it few months after it came out?
Stoked. It definitely rejuvenated us as a band, UKHC has taken a more metallic tone and structure since and around the time that we released the EP and that definitely helped us get it out to a wider audience. We hadn't played too many shows prior to the release of Victim of Deceit due to changing band members and the good reaction we got helped us get back into playing shows and enjoying them as we did when the band started out.