Video: Race Riot 59 - Menace to Society

Get into Halloween spirit with this new vid by Race Riot 59

Review: Indication - XI

Indication - XI (Last Warning Records) - Another band from Poland that is killing it! Indication draws heavily from classic 90s Clevo sound like Integrity or In Cold Blood, but with a modern sensibility. There’s a run of four tracks on here but the short ep covers everything you’d expect from that type of hardcore. Wide range of tempos, sick riffs and evil vibe has the band ready to crush everything in their way. The vocals get the job done with harsh and powerful delivery, nothing too original, but they fit perfectly with the music.

Despite the heaviness, Indication is straight up raw hardcore. It sounds genuine, like these boys has been living in the darkest corners of reality, dealing with the evils of this world since day one. It’s kind of refreshing when you consider most of Clevo wannabe bands sound like goofy suburban kids jerking off to Manson posters. What needs to be said that like any other solid hardcore band, Indication is at its best when enjoyed live. I’ve seen them play couple times and they never disappoint.

Classic: Stigmata - Drowning

This is as classic as it gets. Don't mind the shit quality of this video, just sit back and get into the vibe.

Download: Contempt - MMXIV

Contempt from Barrie/Ottawa area. Tags: barrie beatdown breakdown hardcore heavy metal metalcore mosh slam Ottawa.


(Don't Sleep!) Cold Reality

Budapest posse comes through with a new dope record. I recall I really liked their 2013 demo, but this new tracks are banger after banger. They were good with their shit before, but now they're beast with it. The band blends heavy NYHC in vein of Madball or Merauder with more recent influences somewhere along the lines of Bitter End or Soul Search. It can be rough round the edges sometimes, but it doesn't bother me that much really cause the overall feeling is positive. No Escape was released via Powertrip Records (Hollow Truth, Reapers Path, Eisberg...) as a 7 inch and tape.


Review: All For Nothing - What Lies Within Us

All For Nothing - What Lies Within Us
(GSR) - If you follow what’s happening in the European core scene you must be familiar with this band. They’ve been going strong for some time already and put in some real hard work and dedication. It all resulted in couple of tours and albums under their belt already. I have respect for bands that keep it real like that.

Stylistically ‘What Lies Within Us’ has all the markings of a NYHC-styled hardcore. It has its qualities, and there are moments when the band shines. The guitar work is slick and the dance parts are intense, but some tracks just feel like a the band keeps repeating the same thing time after time. I guess the sooner you realize that generally cliches play big part of hardcore the sooner you will start to enjoy this slice of European core. What drags it down a bit to me are the vocals, but it’s just my personal taste and it got nothing to do that it’s a girl singing.

On the other hand, the record has some heartfelt hard-knock life lyrics that I think many kids will find very inspiring. Musically, Hold Fast is definitely a highlight, that songs is too powerful! All in all, this is a solid record if you’re into bands like No Turning Back or Madball.

Down For Life Interview

Down For Life hails from Los Angeles California and delivers a nice blend of traditional hardcore with oi! sound for fans of Patriot, Discipline, Bruisers, Agnostic Front and so on. You get the picture. The band knows their craft and I am really into their recent record called Comin' Out Swingin' so it's cool they said yes to the interview. Everyone should read it, but especially those of you who are currently unemployed, drunk or on the run from police.

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More about 'In the Eyes of the Lord" re-release

A389 Recordings

This was a record that changed my life. Of of the realest and the most punishing hardcore bands I've ever encountered. I just upped all the scans for the art/layout and the audio is off to mastering. 2xLP will contain the full IOTEOTL album as well as all the demos and comp songs with Bruce on vocals. I even found a clean DAT rip of 'Straight To Hell' from the CTHC comp c/o Dave who used to run East Coast Empire!!! Anyone else stoked or will I be moshing alone at home with my dog?


(Don't sleep!) Brain Fracture

i am the decimator.
still consuming the weak
i am the wolf,
in your nation of sheep

Brain Fracture is a new band from Billerica, Ma area with members of Hammer Bros, Off With Their Heads, Roadrunner and Fake Boys. They've just got one track up on their bandcamp and it is so hard I gotta share it. 'Decimator' is really tight and has me anticipating more music from them. Crush your enemies to this shit!