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More about 'In the Eyes of the Lord" re-release

A389 Recordings

This was a record that changed my life. Of of the realest and the most punishing hardcore bands I've ever encountered. I just upped all the scans for the art/layout and the audio is off to mastering. 2xLP will contain the full IOTEOTL album as well as all the demos and comp songs with Bruce on vocals. I even found a clean DAT rip of 'Straight To Hell' from the CTHC comp c/o Dave who used to run East Coast Empire!!! Anyone else stoked or will I be moshing alone at home with my dog?


(Don't sleep!) Brain Fracture

i am the decimator.
still consuming the weak
i am the wolf,
in your nation of sheep

Brain Fracture is a new band from Billerica, Ma area with members of Hammer Bros, Off With Their Heads, Roadrunner and Fake Boys. They've just got one track up on their bandcamp and it is so hard I gotta share it. 'Decimator' is really tight and has me anticipating more music from them. Crush your enemies to this shit!


Demo: Hollowed Out

Sick two-track demo from Saint Louis,MO-based Hollowed Out. If you're down for heavy-ass, thrash-infused hardcore you need to check this one out. There's even some Clevo sound to be heard now and there, but basically they're working with a solid hardcore foundation and add bunch of thick and brutal metal influences on top of it. The vocals are sick and vile as well. Gran it by clicking the link below, or just go to their bandcamp.


Classic Shit: Hoods - Once Again

This track is taken from my favorite era of this band. Don't get me wrong, I love the newer albums, but the early shit they put out, like Once Again or Alone ep, is pure fire.

Download: Wild Side - Promo'14

This is short but slick demo by this new Canada band. There's a nice classic NYHC flow to it and Warzone comes to mind immediately when listening to these tunes. I don't have to say it's never a bad thing. All Bark, No Bite is a stand out, but actually both tracks are great. You can get the demo on tape here.


[Cover art] Last Dayz - Ready To Die

I am pretty sure this ep is going to be one of the hardest records to come out in 2014. Last Dayz. Ready to Die. Don't sleep, fruits!

Kingpin Interview

Kingpin hails from Odessa, Ukraine and comes through with pretty slick hardcore that is heavy on groove and feel. Their new ep 'What Man Is A Man...' is really, really good, bringing vibe similar to that we all love on any Crown of Thornz or Fire & Ice record. I urge you to check it out for yourself as it is now available for a full stream via band's bandcamp (see below). The band talks a lot about their music, future plans and stuff that motivates them, but since it's hard to pretend that Ukraine is not in some serious shit right now, we also discussed the complicated situation in their country from the perspective on regular people. I hope this interview will shed some light on what this conflict is about.

Review: King Nine - Scared To Dead [Ratel]

This shit is made so you get inspiration to harden the fuck up. This is heavy metallic East Coast hardcore done just like it was meant to be done from the start. All the tracks on this one feature a gritty heavy sound, with stomping grooves and aggressive (and pretty skilled) riffing topped off with seriously harsh vocals. There are no funny-style reaches on the record, no clean vocals, melodic riffs or any of this shit. Being from NYC you can tell these dudes soaked up One Second Thought, Fury Of V and Bulldoze. You can tell where band’s influences are, but King Nine is bringing it to the forefront with their own unique style and personality.

If you need something to put you on the champion mindset, this is it. Scared is a blistering listen which easily muscles its way into the upper echelon of hardcore heavyweight league. Listening to this makes me think about crazy shit like gorillas beating each other to bloody mess over who’s the baddest mother fucker in the jungle! Nasty stuff!

If you're dead broke and can afford to buy just one album this year, make it this one. Or steal it if you really have it, I don't care, just get it! There's something in that East Coast water that breeds these animals!

New 100 Demons and other news

Here's some stuff to keep you updated with important things that are happening in hardcore:

Cheat Death is the name of new Bent Life 2-song ep due out via Bad Teeth Recs.

Fuck, I almost missed this info: A389 will drop new 100 Demons! Well, not a full length though, we're talking split with Black Dahlia Murder, but still. Just pretend BDM is not there.

Reality Recs will drop self titled 7" by Blind Beliefs (Antwerp, Belgium). Check out new track called Salvation on their bandcamp.

I know many kids waited for this: new full length by Turnstile will be called Non Stop Feeling and should drop this winter. Reaper of course.

Revelation Recs re-released Nothing But A Nightmare by Soul Search, a record that for a long time was practically impossible to get. Order your copy here.

Bloodstained posted new track 'Treat evil with evil' from the upcoming album Headless Kingdom. Listen to it here.

NYC legends Bulldoze are working on a new record, at least that's what rumor has it.

No Zodiac are now part of BDHW family. New album is called 'Eternal Misery' and should drop later this year.

PA hardcore legends Dysphoria are back and got big plans for the future! Every band that has been long enough to have dealing with Back Ta Basics in their CV deserves respect. If you don't know, check out their Stereokiller page for some music and more info about the band. Deathless is hard as fuck!

Split ep between Sworn Vengeance and St Hood will mark the 6th release from Knives Out Recs. The record will have 6 tracks with both bands doing a cover of some throwback 90' shit. This run will be released at 300 limited and numbered picture disc 10" vinyl with 3 high quality sleeve packaging (pre-order, classic and the deluxe edition).