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Debating the hardest shit in hardcore. March'21 update.

God's Hate

God's Hate

"(...)God’s Hate set out to re-establish the mantle of hardness created by East Coast HC titans Merauder, Hatebreed and the seminal Troy-core scene of the late 80s and early 90s."

This album is the hardest shit I've heard in a while. Dark and heavy hitting hardcore not to take your minds off these challenging times but rather to face them with all the rage and strenght you can muster. The artwork looks sick!

Sector / Raw Life


Chicago and New Jersey joining forces. The struggle, the streets, the low paying jobs - this is hardcore for real people with real problems. The music is dope with Sector being the heavier of two, while Raw Life delivers more traditional hardcore but still hard as nails.

Pain Of Truth / Age Of Apocalypse


Step in their way and catch a beatdown! Pain Of Truth is one of the band that I always show support for here. The band comes through with the new music from their upcoming split ep and I gotta say they be really on their shit with two tracks that are sure to break bones and bust skulls. Age Of Apocalypse is Life Of Agony and Type O Negative mixed with Stigmata and it's really good. Just check it out!

Criminal Instinct - Skull Fucked

Terrible Things was THE shit and now this little gem drops showing these dudes are still at the top of the game. This is just 2 tracks clocking in just over 1 minute in total and on both of them the band is in full fuck this mode. This little piece of total annihilation of societal norms and over-the-top ultraviolence should be saluted!

Groove wit it: Bun Dem Out - Treason

LBU's bloody reign of terror in East London leaves residents horrified.

If you are here for some life changing ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Treason is a slick and savage new track from London's Bun Dem Out. It's about how real soldatos do their thing and don't listen to shit anyone tells them. This type of thinking is the only mindset that can get you somewhere so pay attention and try to apply this shit in real life.

Musically, only a few can deliver beatdown hardcore with that much verve and style. Not to mention Pelbu's vocals being a huge selling point here. He snarls, spits, and hollers his way through one nasty groove after the other. I vouch this is legit!

Groove Wit It: Steel Nation - 2 Many Times

Steel Nation is a band that`s droppin` bombs on your ass with every record they bless the world with. Both Forever Wounded and The Harder They Fall were fat to death so imagine they will be teaming up with France's Knives Out Records for their first new album in 6 years - The Big Sleep. I can't picture it being anything short than awesome, as proved on the track below. If 2 Many Times isn't a masterpiece, then I don't know what is. If you want to hear about some shit that's not right in the world today along with some thick-as-a-brick hardcore that's your stuff right here. 

Criminal Minded

These 2 new tracks from the upcoming full-length by Criminal Instinct are less than 3 minutes combined but if the rest of the album is as good 'Terrible Things' gonna be 2019 answer to Droppin' Many Suckers. NMFP is filthy and Victim is grimy. With the level of aggression presented here, it's clear that it's best to leave these dudes alone in real life.

This gem is dropping on November 8th via Closed Casket Activities. Be quick or be sorry!

Trigger warning. Shots fired!

Every time I open my mouth
You just gotta bring up your past
I won't tailor my point of view
Around your fucking bitch ass

Not my fucking problem

Found footage: Subzero 'MRP' [2019 reunion show]

SUBZERO performs live at Saint Vitus Bar-Brooklyn w/Silence Equals Death,Killer Of Sheep,NRSV,Ramallah - spytekklb820 Ipa

Subzero is on my all-time top 10 list and embodies everything I expect from hardcore. Every album by them sound so fucking raw and out there with an emotional impact that comes with full force. I love that this band is as rich in substance lyrically as it is layered in different sounds and styles. They can go to places and directions that you never expect, spinning you in so many circles. Happiness Without Peace is a desert island album, Necropolis was a bomb and Suffering also delivered. No matter which one you pick, the execution is always strong, sharp and to the point while the lyrics creep into your head and make you rethink stuff. We're yet to see if they can recreate that magic on the upcoming reunion album.

Also, 2020 European is in the works.

Return Of The Power: Grimlock's Crusher deluxe vinyl edition

If you know Knives Out you know everything done by them is a work of art. I've seen pictures of the upcoming Crusher "Steel" deluxe vinyl edition and it looks fat to death! Some of the options are sold out already so head to their website to secure a copy for yourself before they're all gone. Strictly limited!

Next in line for Knives Out: Xibalba, Sheer Terror and Death By Stereo.

New Audio: Eyes Of The Lord

What the hell happened? Where did they come from? These men and their anger and violence... why are they dragging us into their inferno?

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars
(2 Chron. 16:9).

Original singer of 100 Demons is in this band and these 3 tracks are a teaser for Misery Feels Like Home album.

New Music: Big Cheese - Tower To The Sun

Painkiller Records
are releasing a discography comp by UK's Big Cheese and along with all the older tunes there's a new track called Tower To The Sun that is filthy, massive and menacing as you’d come to expect from the band. It has a dope Bad Brains by Breakdown vibe and the chorus sounds beastly. Peep it below.

Risk It!: Eastern Europe dates and upcoming 7 inch 'Era of Decay'

Support Risk It! on the upcoming tour across Eastern Europe this March hitting places like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, & Serbia. Exact dates are below.

In April the band is dropping 'Era Of Decay' 7" via Farewell Records!