Demo Daze: Victim To None - True Sight

Get ready cause some epic shit is about to drop on your fucking head! Man, this stuff right here is a heavy hitter. True Sight is short but slick ep by Victim To None and with just 3 tracks in total there's no time to mess around. I respect bands that just get in there and get it done and say 'okay, bye'.

This is a solid hardcore that I am surprised that not that many people are mentioning this.


Demo Daze: Ca$halot - Реальность боли

Ca$halot is one of the bands that you find on accident browsing bandcamp and end up really enjoying. Metallic hardcore from Izhevsk, Russia, a city over 1,200 km east of Moscow where they make Kalashnikov machine guns. Реальность боли came out in March and I've never even heard of it. The way it sounds is nice. Not amazing but nice. I think many of you will be surprised by the quality of Russian hardcore bands if you start paying more attention to the scene over there.


Download: Combat Shock - Retaliation

Russia’s Combat Shock caught my ear in 2017 with the release of Sacrifice demo, which I’m still hoping gets a physical release one day. Fast forward to 2019 and Retaliation drops, four tracks of crossover madness that fuses the rawness of bands like Carnivore, Crumbsuckers and Leeway. Lyrics are about war, society day and end of days. Plus Sepultura cover. This shit is insane in the best of ways!


Download: Last Wishes - D.Y.P. Promo




Ireland's Last Wishes just dropped new promo tracks and I could tell from the first note that this one is a winner. The material, clocking in at little more than 10 minutes, is extremely focused and cohesive. Definitely best stuff they put out so far. Listening to Forced Into Sin I feel like this is the kind of hardcore that Fury Of V could be doing if they were still around making new music. You can really tell these dudes are from the gross part of town!


Demo Daze: Outstand - Promo 2019

Dope shit just keeps on coming from Gothenburg! Outstand features members of other prominent local bands Undone and Lowest Creature and these 2 promo tracks are no less than ruthless and raw hardcore with the most malicious vocals. And man, I love No Limit vibe of the cover art. Click download and spend some quality time with this music on rotation.


Demo Daze: Existence - Into the Furnace

Some uncheap stuff here! Sweden's Existance plays metallic sounding hardcore with best quality chugging riffs and manic vocals. You have to applaud band ’s work ethic here – 4 tracks and each one is beefed up to the fullest. It all sounds intense and aggressive, but there's also a strong feeling of grim and cold in the music. Just check out the lyrics that are so on point capturing the zeitgeist of the times. This stuff is made to contemplate all the fucked up things in the world. A strong candidate for my favorite demo of 2017.



Demo Daze: Devoid - Demo 2018

Bleak and suffocating hardcore from Netherlands with random metal and d-beat influences that puts extra focus on the negatives of life. Musically and lyrically, you can hear they spent time thinking this shit out. I had zero expectations for this demo but turns out I enjoyed it so damned much. Some of the tracks sound so depressing someone should check on these dudes.

Demo Daze: Last Wishes - Promo 2018

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Grab yo' army suits and your fat black boots. Military gear and go out like troops

Ireland's premium hardcore deliver the goods again. Two new tracks plus Madball's Lockdown cover. Those of you who've been in jail should appreciate. Ruthless and rageful hardcore with lyrics that deal with that side of life that's dark, shitty, and negative. Compared to their previous outputs they really stepped up this time. I predict great things for this band if they keep on delivering quality like this. Belfast is no joke!


Demo Daze: Pain Principle - Accept The Pain Demo

This is metallic hardcore done right. I can hear Stout, Merauder and of course the almighty Neglect in these tracks. It sounds ruthless but there's more to this Polish band than just mindless violence and mayhem. The lyrics just click with my battered soul. Wake up in a cold sweat / Can't sleep. Can't breath / Regret sits heavy on my chest / Broken dreams, memories and sorrow. Some of the truest shit right here!


Download: 25 Ta Life - Hunting Season 2017

If you don't know, 25 Ta Life was brought back to life by the dudes responsible for the band's early sound (up to Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment) with Stikman (Fury Of V) on vocals. I can't blame them for keeping the name, Rick did everything in his power to shit on 25 legacy so it's only right they want to take it back. On top of playing old material live we get new music as well. It's 3 tracks released to Internets just yesterday:

Hunting Season - the music sounds sick and Sitkman still got that fire in the vocals

From Start to Finish - I fuck with this cut, it got that aggressive NJHC vibe and an excellent take by Stikman

All Heart - top of the food chain!

All in all this one is at least as good as anything you heard on band's early albums. Old pros showing everyone how it's fucking done. Download it below and find out for yourself.