Download: 25 Ta Life - Hunting Season 2017

If you don't know, 25 Ta Life was brought back to life by the dudes responsible for the band's early sound (up to Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment) with Stikman (Fury Of V) on vocals. I can't blame them for keeping the name, Rick did everything in his power to shit on 25 legacy so it's only right they want to take it back. On top of playing old material live we get new music as well. It's 3 tracks released to Internets just yesterday:

Hunting Season - the music sounds sick and Sitkman still got that fire in the vocals

From Start to Finish - I fuck with this cut, it got that aggressive NJHC vibe and an excellent take by Stikman

All Heart - top of the food chain!

All in all this one is at least as good as anything you heard on band's early albums. Old pros showing everyone how it's fucking done. Download it below and find out for yourself.