New music: Dogz Of War - Judgment 2021

Hardcore comebacks hardly ever get me excited, but this one looks like a real gem. Dogz Of War, Detroit, 2021. This is the title track to the upcoming release due out on In Thy Blood Records.

FFO: Cold As Life, Earthmover, The Alliance, H8 Inc.

Video: Borstal - Vicious Circles

Taken from BORSTAL'S debut EP 'AT HER MAJESTY'S PLEASURE' to be released on April 1st 2021 via 4 FAMILY RECORDS

Borstal is a collabo between Pierre Knuckledust/Bun Dem Out and drummer of Brujeria, Cradle Of Filth and some other metal bands I don't really care about. The rest of the squad is taken from Dripback and King of Pigs. The upcoming album will feature King Of The Jungle by Last Resort cover. Oi!

Video: Chains of Misery - Shackled


Chains of Misery 2020, fuck covid, fuck Trump, fuck Biden, it’s time to face the fucking truth

We are all…. Shackled.

in these chains, these chains of misery
in these chains, these chains of misery

Video: Embitter - Echoes

Embitter: First single off the debut Embitter full length '1134', released on The Coming Strife Records.

Video: Rebelmatic - Insult to Injury

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Video: Clearview - Concrete Jungle

Clearview may be one of the hardest bands you don't know. Concrete Jungle is taken from their 2017 lp Absolute Madness which makes me think how the hell a clip is 2 years in a making when there are people doing proper movies using their iPhones. In a week.

Musicwise, Concrete Jungle is another hard-hitter from the Brazilians and with all the heat this one delivers don’t for a second think it's not groovy. It's a rare thing when a song makes you wanna punch walls while nodding your head.

Found footage: Subzero 'MRP' [2019 reunion show]

SUBZERO performs live at Saint Vitus Bar-Brooklyn w/Silence Equals Death,Killer Of Sheep,NRSV,Ramallah - spytekklb820 Ipa

Subzero is on my all-time top 10 list and embodies everything I expect from hardcore. Every album by them sound so fucking raw and out there with an emotional impact that comes with full force. I love that this band is as rich in substance lyrically as it is layered in different sounds and styles. They can go to places and directions that you never expect, spinning you in so many circles. Happiness Without Peace is a desert island album, Necropolis was a bomb and Suffering also delivered. No matter which one you pick, the execution is always strong, sharp and to the point while the lyrics creep into your head and make you rethink stuff. We're yet to see if they can recreate that magic on the upcoming reunion album.

Also, 2020 European is in the works.

25 ta Life - Wise to da Game [Stikman version]

Live, Raw, Unmixed and Unmastered.

Time to rise above the ignorance cause I'm wise to da game
And I refuse to take part cause I'm wise to da game

Video: Inhuman Nature - A Nuclear Frost

This video has less than 1000 views as I post it, which just proves their point we as a humanity are doomed.

I know nothing about this band but I like this track. This is yet another take on classic thrash sound and Inhuman Nature is 100% metal but their connection to hardcore could be traced through some of these dudes being in Hang The Bastard ages ago. A Nuclear Frost is a furious masterpiece mostly thanks to sick riff that has 80’ thrash slapped all over and lyrics about the end of the world and collapse of humankind. I am definitely checking their self titled album album despite it having naked Conan on the cover.

FFO: old Sepultura, Power Trip, Slayer, you get it... don't hate the band for picking up moves from the world champions in their weight class!

Gut Reaction: Leeway NYC - I'm Your Pusher

So Leeway has a new video out and I decided to check it out. It's called I'm Your Pusher and is all sorts of fun. Everything sounds 100% on point musically and I can't imagine anyone not liking this track. Powerful riffs and vocals laced with a mixture of menace and paranoia. Eddie seems like a guy that has been through rough ass time in his life and got no problem wearing his pain on his sleeve. You can't fake it!

When I first got into hardcore I slept on Leeway for a bit, and I regret it. Still, I've never listened to anything by them beyond the first two albums so I have no idea how this song fits the evolution of the band. I don't even know if that type of thinking makes sense given it is band's first new music in like 25 years. This I know, nothing they record in 2019 will be discussed in the same terms as Born to Expire or Desperate Measures. But it's fine. That's not the point. These dudes have been in and out involved in hardcore since Leeway days were over so to me this reunion is legit. Can't wait to hear rest of the tunes they've been working on lately.