Gut Reaction: Leeway NYC - I'm Your Pusher

So Leeway has a new video out and I decided to check it out. It's called I'm Your Pusher and is all sorts of fun. Everything sounds 100% on point musically and I can't imagine anyone not liking this track. Powerful riffs and vocals laced with a mixture of menace and paranoia. Eddie seems like a guy that has been through rough ass time in his life and got no problem wearing his pain on his sleeve. You can't fake it!

When I first got into hardcore I slept on Leeway for a bit, and I regret it. Still, I've never listened to anything by them beyond the first two albums so I have no idea how this song fits the evolution of the band. I don't even know if that type of thinking makes sense given it is band's first new music in like 25 years. This I know, nothing they record in 2019 will be discussed in the same terms as Born to Expire or Desperate Measures. But it's fine. That's not the point. These dudes have been in and out involved in hardcore since Leeway days were over so to me this reunion is legit. Can't wait to hear rest of the tunes they've been working on lately.