Video: Heavy Runner - Life Music

Heavy Runner goes hard and violently on this track. Think Stout by way of Turnstile with a heavy All We Got Iz Us-era Onyx vibe. This is forward thinking stuff!

Video: Spirit Crusher - Potential in Kindness

I see potential in kindness
Reaching out to others
Turning strangers into sisters and brothers

Some positive words in this new tune from Spirit Crusher. Band's first LP "Whispers Against the Roar of the World" out soon on The Essence Recs.

Video: Wisdom In Chains - Already Dead

New Wisdom In Chains is great as always. This one sees Mad Joe trading verses with that dude from Noi!se while the music is nothing short of epic. Taken from the new album 'Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness' which deserves to be album of the year just based on the title.

Video: Mindwar - Hollow

Mindwar is up and coming band from Belgium and this track is taken from their upcoming ep of the same name - 'Hollow'. Reality Records will release it on CD and vinyl, while Kick Out The Jams will handle the tapes.

Video: Spine - Warm Now Cold

Official video for Spine "Warm Now Cold" from the upcoming album "Faith", coming out on 6/15/18 on Bridge Nine Records. Video by Adam DeGross.

Check out band's previous work at their bandcamp.

Video: Negative Self - Underneath The Wave

I got pirate mp3s of their older songs and they were all pro so I'm not surprised I dig this track here. To say this band sounds familiar would be huge understatement. It doesn't take mad brain skills to figure out where they take their style from. This track is Venice Beach at its prime! Grab that shit before Suicidal's lawyers get on it for style theft. The VHS styled video looks good and fits the music. Good stuff!

Looking forward to new record on BDHW Recs.

Video: Soulground - Faces Of Death

I've watched this video twice already and can't help thinking how cheesy and cheap it looks. Was forcing myself, yes forcing myself, to go through that crap in full and the only thing that kept me around was the music. The track is not bad at all, heavy hardcore that sits somewhere between recent European metallic core and Clevo sound. It features guest vocals from Jess of Swoon and it's probably the best recorded performance of her, she's way more menacing here than with her main band.

If you like it, pre-orders are up at Farewell Recs along with new Method Of Proof.

Classic Footage: Integrity - Chicago '96

Big ups to Preserving Silence for uploading this.

Video: Clearview - Dirty Streets

Whether thug life is your thing or you want to harden up through listening to hardcore this is the shit right here. This track is from band's new album and deals with harsh realities of Sao Paulo. From start to finish this just both musically and vocally dominates. This is about as high in the quality department as hardcore has gotten in 2017.

Video: Slope - Goodbye Mr. Dandy

This fucking dress code. I know copying other dudes style is part of hardcore and we’re all guilty of this, but some trends are better than other. I dig good Madball copycat as the next man but I can’t understand why dudes in 2017 try to look like Kurt Cobain and The Stone Roses. Why I talk fashion not the music? Because hardcore is more than music. But getting down to this, the video is both simultaneously decent and shitty. It looks goofy as fuck, but visuals aside the music is not as bad as the singer’s shirt would try to make you believe. This is totally different to what BDHW usually puts on the market. The crew were obviously gunning for the Turnstile crowd with this one but despite the bad intentions there are some hints of decency.