New music: Dead Heat - Certain Death

Cot damn! New Dead Heat rips! This track is brilliant combo of hardcore crossover fury, boiling anger and conscious shit. A mandatory listen! Full album to be out via Edgewood Records.

Our leaders will kill us / If we don’t stay strong / In order to lead on / We have to give up / The way that we live / These things that we do
/ All lead us to death / To repeat and start new.

Why I'm Broke: Humanity Is The Devil deluxe edition


You can trust Knives Out team this shit is gonna be top quality.

New music: Absolve - Victim of Life ep

Whoa! 4 new tracks by Absolve from the upcoming ep have just been posted to Ratel Record's bandcamp. As with their part of the 3-way split with Heavy Runner / Power Play, they deliver that stomp everyone likes to get low to. The music is powerful and the overall tone is spot on. Definitely one of the best new bands coming from Europe right now!

Ratel Records / Reality Records

Teaser: H8000 Documentary

Liar, Congress, Regression, Length Of Time, Spirit Of Youth, Vitality - these bands took European metalcore into another stratosphere. Back in the days H8000 cats brimmed with force and confidence, showing off serious musical skills, but also versatility as they had style from all over the hardcore spectrum - be it metalcore, tough guy hardcore or youth crew or whatever. Liar and Congress for sure were at the forefront of the movement, Invictus and Blackened Persistance were damn near magic, but every band had their own thing happening. If these names say nothing to you do some fucking research.

This teaser was posted just few days but I don't have any details for you except I hope it's gonna be finally out (if it isn't already). Check out this facebook page for possible updates.

Burn The Idol Of The White Messiah

I got mail from my man Nikolay:

Ugly and Proud Records presents the second press of "Burn The Idol of The White Messiah" by Racetraitor. The first and only full-length from one the 1990s most radically political and powerful bands from Chicago, IL is packed with a metallic sound that mixed grindcore and powerviolence. It was originally released by Uprising back in 1998. The LP has been re-mixed by Dallas Thomas (Asschapel, Pelican) and remastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Obituary, Iron Reagan, Gatekeeper). The first press on Carry The Weight Records from the UK is now long sold out and the band teamed up with U&P and a yet to be revealed US label for the second repress of this record.

'Burn The Idol...' sounds heavier and darker than ever while remaining totally true to the original. The LP includes a special zine containing the history of the band.

Racetraitor was one of the most controversial political bands of the 1990s hardcore scene. It made it to the covers of both Maximumrocknroll and HeartattaCk before recording a single track. The name Racetraitor was in reference to using one's social and economic privilege to create a more egalitarian world. The idea was to take the pejorative term "race traitor" used by white American racists and claim it as a positive self-chosen label. The band is known for aggressively challenging audiences to confront the ways they might help perpetuate or buy into racist and exploitative social and economic systems. Many of their shows turned into heated arguments and Racetraitor were quick to become one of the most talked about political hardcore bands of their time.

Order from:

Nerve Control / Remain In Vain split 7"

It's been out for a while but in case you missed it: Nerve Control / Remain in Vain split 7" out on Safe Inside Records, came out last year but it's just now I that I learn about it. 3 tracks from each band, all of them based on hardcore essentials and doing great job channeling that 80' raw sound. You can get your copy here. Recommended!

And while you're there check out other sweet releases by the label: Dying For It, Clear Focus, Despair discography and others.

New release: World Of Pain - No Utopia

Friday BDHW will launch the long awaited pre order for World Of Pain’s latest record „No Utopia“. Strictly limited Vinyl is waiting for you, CD and new Merch. Also WORLD OF PAIN going to drop a Music Video for „Apocalypse Now“ on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled!

BDHW Records

In the gutter groove

My man Frédéric is still sitting on some copies of 2nd issue of Gutter Groove fanzine. The list of bands interviewed is fat like a pizza with double cheese crust and includes All Out War, Weekend Nachos, Foreseen, Malice At The Palace, Lodges, True Colors and Integrity. Get yours here.

Audio: American War Machine - Prey Drive

If you easily fall for 'members of' gimmick let me tell you this band has dudes from Slapshot, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, Intent To Injure and Bricktop. It's just one song shared so far but man, this shit is tight! You can't teach that stuff. Nothing fancy here but time-tested combo of stomping beat, mean vocals and great chorus. Shit sounds raw and dangerous.

EP should be out on Bridge9 soon.

New hardcore: Hardside - Sink With Me

Another dope track by Hardside. This is 2 minutes of aggressive and raw hardcore bound together by the meanest vocals, but as usual they top it off with some clean singing that somehow works for this band. No doubt dude got a gift for harmonizing.

Good to see this band growing with each record. I remember I did check their Welcome To Hell ep when it came out and really liked it. You can hear they listen to right amount of Merauder, 100 Demons and all that metallic hardcore classics but keep to their own vibe. It took me a little bit to get used to the way they use clean vocals in their songs but once I did I was all in. This is what would go on to become their trademark sound after all. You’d better get on this!