New music: Forced Order

New track from Forced Order camp taken from the upcoming full length One Last Prayer. Shit sounds powerful like it's 1995 again. The band’s apocalyptic aesthetic has seen it compared to Clevo sound, but I also thought of early Kickback and the way they manage to blend grim with severe aggression. The band turns in solid performance which gets me pumped for the whole thing to drop later this year via Triple B records.

Clearview: Absolute Madness promo

Their previous stuff was mad dope but these new tracks really stepped it up. I had these two on constant repeat all day today and am still not tired of it. That album title is not misleading. Fans of Risk It, Terror or Manipulate should take notice.

On the rise: Day By Day

Day By Day is a band from Florida that I had not clue about until I got the news Ratel Recs will be releasing their new 7" - 'From Now On'. I am glad they do cause this band rules. The music is good. The vocals are menacing. The artwork looks weird. You can hear they put a lot of thought into their sound making it hard to pin down to a specific style of hardcore. It's in your face aggressive but also very much on a dark and negative vibe. When hardcore deals with usual everyday drama and mix it with some grimy psychological shit I'm all for it. Nothing wrong with squeezing few minutes of thinking about death and mortality into your daily grind. I will definitely get my dirty hands on that ep.

Crawlspace 'Don't Get Mad...' reissue on Knives Out

Knives Out will be releasing 'Don't Get Mad... Get Even!' as a double picture disc 10". As always expect top quality, this is strictly collectors item.

The deluxe "OG" edition is limited to 100, featuring a die-cut heavy paper sleeve packaging, a 48 pages "Sanctuary Flyers" book, a 12 cm, Crawlspace piece of wood logo, illustrated download card, a die-cut vinyl Crawlspace sticker, a #number certificate - all is hand-numbered.

The classic "MAD" edition is limited to 150, featuring a die-cut heavy paper sleeve packaging, illustrated download card, a die-cut vinyl Crawlspace sticker, a #number certificate - all is hand-numbered.

The inside sleeve main color is blue for the private sales (for both edition) and then red for normal official sales. Both edition packagings, download cards, certificates are different.

Orders here.

Power Play / Heavy Runner / Absolve

By now everyone should be familiar with the all good work Ratel Recs has made in the European hardcore arena. Releases from Desperate Times, Last Dayz, Incitement, Bloodstained or Forced Order were all heavy hitters, and with the records they have planned for 2017 it doesn't appear they will be falling off any time soon.

One record I can't wait to finally come out is 3-way split with Power Play (Ukraine), Absolve (Belgium/the Netherlands) and Heavy Runner (Poland). Just take a look at the names of the bands involved and you should know what type of vibe they're on. Each band contributes one new track and one cover. The selection of stolen tracks includes Death Threat, E-Town Concrete and Hatebreed. Each band rips. Wait for when it drops soon!

[ep] Snuff Out - Let it Go

Up-and-coming Polish hardcore Snuff Out have finished working on their debut ep. Expect traditional hardcore which means fast and in your face delivery with pissed off vibe and real life lyrics. 11 tracks packed on a 7" piece of wax, you get the picture.

The 7" will be released by Ratel Records, place your orders here.

Debut 7" by Red Vision (Richmond, VA hardcore)

Richmond, VA traditional brand of hardcore . This self titled 7" has been brought to the masses by Edgewood Records. When you have a hardcore record where every element fits - the band is legit, music hits hard, vocals are on point and lyrics are no bullshit - you gotta appreciate it. Give it a try.

FFO: Floorpunch, 86 Mentality, & Sick Of It All

New Crowd Deterrent ep

Hated Ones is finally available for streaming and you know I always got time for Crown Deterrent music. The fact that there are only 3 songs in total is a let down, but at least each one rips. I already posted about the title track so I naturally I was mostly curious about the other ones. Cursed has a dope thrash vibe to it and is a definite heavy-hitter. Call your crew , not the cops is 100% hardcore/hardcore with spot on attitude detailing a complex code of honor, betrayals, respect, streets, jail, or worse. All in all, Crowd Deterrent went hard on this one

Train Yard Blues re-issue coming this May

Stronger Than Before Records from NJ will be releasing Train Yard Blues on vinyl on May, 21st.

New music: Naysayer - Make No Mistake

New Naysayer track from the upcoming Nation Of Greed ep: