News from BDHW: World of Pain and Whatever It Takes

New World Of Pain shows the band stays on track with recent happenings in the world and they are concerned about all that shit. 'End Of Days' is exactly the same as I feel about this stuff.

"END GAME" pre order starts 26th February with CD and Digital at followed by the the Vinyl pre order starting April 01st (Limited Vinyl).

New Whatever It Takes:

"DEATH BLOW" pre order starts 26th February with CD and Digital at followed by Vinyl pre order April 01st (Limited Vinyl).

Society Sucker is no joke

credit: lloyd anderson

Two tracks by Will To Die, other two by Society Sucker. You can pre-order that stuff here. Will To Die is solid, but Society Sucker is sharp as fuck! The band plays tried and true hardcore that is definitely exceeding the minimal standard of satisfaction I need from that music. Just for these tunes alone that ep is worth your money.

New Cornered

Cornered, new shit coming soon! Stay put for more info.

New music: Crowd Deterrent - Hated Ones

Finally, a worthy follow-up to Show Of Supreme Force comes as a two and half minutes of fury named Hated Ones. This is the shit I've been waiting for, a slamming joint that does not lack anything. The violent vocals on top of the hard as nails hardcore is what locks it down for me. I need hardcore bands to sound outcast and antisocial, making me want to do some illegal activity with their record in the background.

Can't wait to listen to the rest of that ep.

New Manipulate

New EP by Manipulate is called 'Becoming Madness' and will be available early 2016 on Flatspot Records. The label is streaming one song off that album and it's awesome as shit. That is some cold blooded hardcore!

Destroy Cleveland - official trailer

Destroy Cleveland is a documentary about the Hardcore music scene in Cleveland from '86 to the present. This scene was notorious for it's violence and mayhem. for more info.

Features: Dwid Hellion, Aaron and Lenny Melnick, James Bulloch, Tony Erba, Tony "Chubby Fresh" Pines, Paul Schlacter, Steve Peffer, Chris Pellow, and many more.

2 weeks till this gem hits the streets, you can get your pre-order here.

New music: Shadow Of Doubt - Deceive

My people from Shadow Of Doubt have just dropped new track 'Deceive' which features Jose from Mizery. The band represents heavy, metallic hardcore with realness. I suggest you check this one out as it is one of the names you are gonna hear for a mean minute.

This one might serve as a teaser for the new record that is still yet to materialize, at least I hope so.

New Terror track

Terror seems to be dropping record after record in recent times, but every time new stuff from them pops up you know that shit gonna be hard.

The Solution, this track is Terror, no more no less. If you dig their newer albums, I can't image you're not into this track. The faster part is crazy, but the breakdown is off the roof. Scott is all over this shit as usual.

Turns out Victory wants to get back in hardcore game again, cause new Terror is gonna drop on that label. Can't say I'm surprised, hardcore seems to be once again the 'in' thing in alternative music scene and you can be sure everything about this move is well calculated. I respect the hustle though.

Bullshit aside... turn that motherfucker up!

My gut reaction: Hardside - Caged

You already know Hardside are dropping new album, 'The Madness', but now there's a chance to check out brand new tune from it. I gonna cut to the chase and say it's a fine work of hardcore. Musically, that's my shit. Caged is sharp and hits hard. It seems dudes in Hardside grew up during the era when bands like Merader or Hatebreed ruled the scene. Caged sounds like it could've come from one of those bands in their prime days. But this is band paying homage, not imitating. If the rest of the album lives up to this standard, the album gonna be dope.

Hardside joins BDHW

Hardside will release new full length "The Madness" via BDHW Rec. That's all we know for now, but more details should follow....