Face Your Enemy

With their uncompromising lyrics and hard headed approach, Face Your Enemy brings some South Italian mindset to the table. Hardcore they deliver will surely please all the fans of the NYHC/ beatdown style with anthems about everyday struggle, making ends meet and sticking to your beliefs. Check out what they had to say about their music, local hardcore scene and life in Italy in general.

Could you describe your band to everyone who doesn’t know FYE? How did you guys started? Were you all friends when you decided to form a band?

The FACE YOUR ENEMY clan was born in 2004 from Ray (drums), Dome (voice and guitar) and Ciro (bass) under the name Ashamed. The first sound of them was a little bit "crust" mixed with ny hc style and some mosh riffs. After some time, Gigi (guitar) and Gianni (guitar) joined the band. With these new entries, the band had this line-up: Dome (voice), Ray (drums), Ciro (bass), Gigi (guitar) and Gianni (guitar).
The consequences: the change of the sound, that become heavier and faster. Then Gianni had to go and I, Marco, have taken his place since 2006.

How would you describe the style FYE plays? What are your main musical influences?

We play ny hc with mosh influences and beatdown style with a little bit of rap. We like and listen many bands, but the main influences are: Madball, Hatebreed, 25 Ta Life, Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Sworn Enemy, Agnostic Front, Knuckledust, Sick Of It All, First Blood, Figure Four, Furious Styles, Hoods, Merauder, Angel Crew, Proudz, x Nueva Etica x, Shattered Realm, Slayer, Six ft. Ditch, Since The Flood, Out To Win, Throwdown, Walls Of Jericho, Necro, Busta Rhymes and many many more.

What did you guys released so far?

Under the name of Ashamed, there's a demo called "No respect"; on the other hand, FyE released a mini-cd called "By force in your face", with six tracks, out from the beginning of this year on Hate Unit and Relief Records.

What is south Italian attitude? How much south and north of Italy differs from one another?

I think that the attitude is different: in the south, people struggle everyday to survive, there's more poverty and what we say in the lyrics is what we really feel, the reality of things. It's not only hardcore: it's life, which here in the south grows heavier everyday.

Is tough guy style popular in Italy? Most Italian bands I know play positive hardcore or metal core with vegan/political/SxE attitude. Are there many bands playing beatdown/nyhc type of shit?

There aren't many bands that play this style, but the bands that do it are pretty good. The most important for us are Straight Opposition, Concrete Block, To Kill, To Ed Gein, Watch Your Step.

Many of your lyrics deal with everyday struggle and harshness of life. Is living in Italy so hard?

It's difficult to live here, because most of our lives are controlled by criminal organizations, corruption and hypocrisy. That fact is that that type of mentality is instilled in everyone, but not in us. We hate that kind of shit, we hate lying, we hate criminal organizations. Life is a precious thing: it belongs to us. We are respectful with everyone. If you give us respect, we will respect you: if you try to fuck us, then, don't know what will happen.

I just picked two song-texts where i have some questions... Could you please explain the message behind " No Pain, No Regrets" and “Get Your Life“?

"No pain, no regrets" was written by me the last year. I wrote the song thinking about all the guys who hide themselves behind a mask, afraid of life, afraid to try, stuck between the past mistakes. It's not a hate song, it's an advice to stand the fucking up and try, seek your inner truth and live free.
"Get your life" is quite similar. It's an advice to take your life seriously, to try to become something, to do what you like. No matter what people say, no matter what people think. They want you to fail, but you've to find the strength inside and go on.

What bands would you like to share a stage with?

The bands that I've mentioned before.

Are you guys planning to do any international tour?

We would like to plan an European tour, considering the fact that we've played in many places here in Italy.

What are you listening to lately, and are there any recent records that have really impressed you?

Well, lately it has been a little bit poor, musically. We listen the old and some new stuff of all the bands that I've mentioned before.

How does typical FYE show look like?

Strength, energy, positivity, anger, fury, ny hc, beatdown and rap style.

What are the best hardcore bands coming from Italy?

Straight Opposition from Pescara, To Kill from Rome, Strength Approach from Rome, Concrete Block from Turin. There are also other good realities, like Countdown Records that produces hc and rap bands.

Is Italian hardcore scene divided? Do bands like yours and for example vegan/sXe or posi old school bands all stick together and support one another?

Here the scene is quite good. We respect each other and don't give a fuck about the fact that you're straight edge, vegan, of if you eat meat and get drunk. We respect everyone. Obviously, there are also bands of assholes who follow the trends and criticize you inside the scene. Fuck that, man.

Is cosa nostra still strong and active? Is it an organization people are still afraid of? Are you part of it? (Easy man, I won’t snitch!)

Well, of course it is still strong. Cosa Nostra (or Mafia) is active in Sicily, Camorra in Naples, where we live, and 'Ndragheta in Calabria. It makes me sad to think about it, but people still fear this shit. In the past, some members of FyE had relationship with people involved in "that system", but only to get respect. You gotta learn to give and take it when you live on the streets.

What hardcore means to you?

Hardcore isn't just a sound. Hardcore means respect, be true to yourself and fighting the obstacles of life with strength and perseverance, with humility and awareness.

What’s your opinion on emo?

We don't share that kind of attitude, but people are free to do what they like. Personally, I would never play that kind of stuff.

I’ve seen a photos of you guys playing at some kind of hardcore street party. What’s the story behind it? Are there many hardcore open air parties like these in Italy?

No, no. It was a case. It's not usual here. Usually we play in clubs.

What do you guys know about Polish hardcore and Poland in general?

Well, I don't know a lot of it. I think that is quite poor, considering the fact that a lot of polish try to find to find work possibilities outside their country. Musically, I know the Good Old Days, a good fucking old-school hardcore polish band that I saw the last year live in London, when I was on vacation, in July. They really rock hard. Check them.

Any last comments?

Thank u for the questions. They are pretty good.

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