"Legends Stand Tall" compilation is available

"Legends Stand Tall" a compilation cd brought to you by SNS Records showcases hardcore music world wide hitting from 26 bands from Pennsylvania to Texas, to Germany and Ireland to South Africa and Italy and beyond! From top notch crisp studio quality to the down and dirty demo sound that will rise bands to the top.

Hear some of these bands first on SNS Records!

DTD (Texas) – SNS Records
Stay Cold (Las Vegas) – SNS Records
Rise From Above (Germany) – SNS Records
Bloodline LTD (South Africa) – SNS Records
FACEOFF (Pennsylvania)
One on One (Germany)
Cutdown (Finland)
Not Til Death (Pennsylvania)
Danforth (France)
Another One Dead (Finland)
No Salvation (Pennsylvania)
Hardway (Italy)
Backlash (Germany)
20 Bulls Each (Ireland)
2 More Dead (Arizona)
Live Set Disaster (Pennsylvania)
Bloody Roar (Arizona)
Revenge Is Bond (California)
In A Blind Fury (Germany)
Eighty-Proof (Oklahoma)
Smash Your Enemies (Detroit)
Concrete Reality (Pennsylvania)
Still Alive (California)
A Death and A Promise (Missouri)

Following the Release of the compilation cd, DTD's label debut cd, "Never Looking Back" will be released right in time for Christmas for those stocking stuffers!

DTD "Never Looking Back" features 6 tracks featuring guest Spots from Mike of THE HOODS and Stu of FOLSOM! This will be one not to miss. Be sure to get it once it becomes available! Due to circumstances beyond the control of SNS, the expected release date is now early - mid January.

More info: http://www.myspace.com/standnotsurrendrecords