Building A Legacy 2 out now

Building A Legacy 2 (A Document Of Finnish Hardcore) complination cd is finally available. This long waited sequal includes 15 bands and 29 songs of hard and tight music.

Tracklist of Building a Legacy 2:

Bolt: 1. Unbroken 2. Ready to bleed
Third Man Down: 3. Holier Than Thou' 4. Strings
Cold Inside: 5. No Flowers Will Rise From This Soil 6. Winter Push On
Fightback: 7. Fightback Style 8. Paypack Time
Worth The Pain: 9. These Stained Hands 10. To Release Myself
Scalping Screen: 11. Two-Bladed Sword 12. Minefield
No One Is Safe: 13. Family First 14. Rähinä
St.Hood: 15. This Is It
Breamgod: 16. Get Off My Case 17. Sinking Ship
Out Of Breath: 18. Not Your Enemy 19. OOB
End Begins: 20. Empty Bottle 21. Prove Me Wrong (The Message)
Another One Dead: 22. No Coming Back 23.Castaway
Ratface: 24. Saunakillaz 25. Devilz Child
Loss Of Humanity: 26. As.. 27. Enemy
Cutdown: 28. No Apologies 29. Out Of Bounds

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