Decades of Blood

Name/Country: We are Decades of Blood from Sweden.

Active since: We have been active since 2007. Due to the tragic death of the former guitarist robin so the band had a break for 6 months in 2007. We started playing again in January 2008!

Special Move: Uhm.. Dont really know. But we are a heavy band from sweden, and there are not many heavey band's from here so! And we put some metal things in our music!

Stuff recorded so far: We have 2 demos recorded. And we have some plans to record more in april/may. So keep your eyes open!

How did you get together?
After our ex-guitarist and best friend Robin died, me and the drummer Måns started to hang out. Then we talked about starting a new band, but it ended up playing with D.O.B again!

Why beatdown?
Cause' its so fucking awesome to play! You meet so much people at gigs, it is a really nice feeling to play! And beatdown is the only right thing! Haha!

The biggest bitches in hardcore are…
Hahaha! I must say our friends in Bitter Taste Of Life. They are a bunch of fuckin' bitches. You got too love those guys!

What part of Sweden you’re from? How is hardcore scene in that area?
We are from the south part of sweden, kristianstad! We dont have a scene here in our town. If you go further south to a town called Lund you'll find some old school shit. If you're going to a good hardcore show, you have to go to örebro, linköping, norrköping or jönköping!

Heaviest band ever?
Hmmm... There are alot of heavy band. But Circle of Death are a really heacy band from germany!

European vs. American Porn?
Haha! European!!! Look at the swedish chicks! DAMN, they are hot!

Fake or naturals?
NATURALS!!! Fake boobs sucks!

Plans for the future?
We are playing at Fire and Ice festival the 24th of january! Then we are going to do some new songs and hopefully record some new stuff in april/may!

Decades Of Blood